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End-users have started to see the value of Machine Translation when using systems that have been adapted specifically for their needs – so-called “custom” solutions. Such adaptation to language, content, and style is necessary in order to achieve improved accuracy over DIY or online tools. However, this is easier said than done and requires deep levels of Subject Matter Expertise. For example, we created the world’s first patent-specific MT solution – IPTranslator – but only after in-depth consultation with patent professionals and bodies such as the EPO and WIPO to focus our MT development efforts.


Working with Iconic


It’s very simple to get started with Iconic. We engage with you to review and assess your automated translation needs. We look at the 8 key factors affecting MT projects, including the languages and the content type that you want to translate and we guide you on the suitability of your projects for MT. Once identified, we can then propose the most effective course of action, be it one of our existing MT solutions or a customised offering. The whole process is done in 5 simple steps.


1. Assess and Act

Iconic’s team of MT experts will consult with you, assess your needs, and propose the most effective course of action for your project, be it one of our existing MT solutions or a customised offering.

Case Study


As the name suggests, custom MT solutions are unique to each client that we work with. Take a look at our case studies to get a better flavour of this process in action. We’ve included one for you below to get you started!

Check out this presentation on how we applied these steps to a specific project

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