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A simple web application that allows you to translate and manage documents quickly, effectively, and securely within your organisation.

For law firms and legal/compliance industry employees looking for quality and quick translation, Iconic offers a secure, robust, real-time translation making the process faster, more effective, and more cost-efficient.

Neural Machine Translation


Navigate easily and adopt this technology to get the job done quickly and without the fuss.

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Avoid the use of public translation tools for translating sensitive in-house content.

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Obtain an automated translation quickly to assess document importance.

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INTRA Web App by Iconic is a secure, immediate, translation tool that can be controlled and managed within the firm.

Cost: Avoid paying professional translation fees for ad-hoc or occasional translations.

Check out some of our features


Proprietary Technology

Innovative, state-of-art, proprietary architecture based on neural networks and artificial intelligence means better, more effective translations for review, reducing the risk of missing critical information.

Broad Language Coverage

Machine Translation in more than 50 languages and 2,000 language combinations means the vast majority of cases are covered. Don’t have your language? We can build it.

Automatic Language Identification

Automatically detect the languages of your data set so you can focus on the review at hand – in your language.

File Analysis

Identify the number of files, pages, file formats, and languages of your Electronically Stored Information so that you can organise it according to case priority.

Quick Translation

Copy and paste, or type text in the “Quick Translation” box for an instant gist of any snippet of information, without having to upload and download files.

Document Translation

Upload or import files from your computer in any shape or size – 1 file or 10,000 files – and get translations back on-the-fly as they’re completed.

Bulk Upload

Upload large volumes of documents or folders in bulk – individually or in zipped format. The application will unpack, translate, and return in the original structure.

Multiple Supported File Formats

All common file formats supported including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), emails, PDFs, plain text, and zip files are supported natively, amongst others. Custom file handlers can be developed if you need, just ask! (Audio file processing also coming soon.)

Format Preservation

The formatting of your original files (table, headers, spacing, font, etc.) is retained in the translation allowing you to identify the location of key information in the original foreign language document.

Translation Preview

Look inside translated documents from within your browser to make a quick judgement on relevancy, without having to download the file and open it in a separate application.

Robust, Scalable

Translate large volumes of documents in a fraction of the time it would take to find an alternative solution

Live Dashboard

Track projects in real-time with the Iconic translation dashboard. Stay up to date with the “live” notifications panel.

Case Management

Manage, search, download, and delete selected files or entire projects, giving you full control over your translated information.

Intelligent Analysis

Multilingual data review with intelligent analysis, including document classification, keyword qualification, and content summarisation. (Coming soon!)

Secure, Confidential

Our private cloud solutions are secured using certified SSL technology, and our on premise solutions ensure your data never leaves your network, preventing information leaks.

Data Protection

Our servers are located in multiple jurisdictions meaning you can control where your data resides depending on the requirements of your clients.

Workflow Integration

Seamless integration into your document review workflow –  whether you process your data through our web application, external e-discovery provider connectors such as Relativity, or via Managed Services team.

Translation Customisation

Further adapt translations to your legal case, content, or industry by custom enhancements – including terminology and glossaries – for even more accurate translations.

Contact us  to get in touch today for more information on how INTRA Web App can benefit your business. We look forward to hearing from you.