INTRA: a translation platform that enables fast, secure document translation across your organisation.

Today’s global business environment presents organisations with a need for translations with increasing frequency, whether ad hoc or at scale. Machine translation is ubiquitous and freely available – but can you trust it? Iconic’s INTRA product provides a secure centralised translation platform to manage the translation of vast amounts of data at enterprise scale across users, workgroups and projects.


Obtain high-quality translation quickly to understand foreign language content.

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Avoid the use of public machine translation tools for translating sensitive in-house content.

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Neural Machine Translation


Easily navigate and manage translation projects and tasks across multiple workgroups.

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High Quality

INTRA is built upon Iconic’s state-of-the-art translation technology. As an intuitive web application accessible through a standard web browser, you can easily drop files into INTRA individually or in bulk. The application will unpack, translate, and return translated content with the original layout and formatting. You can preview translated documents from within your web browser to make a quick judgement on relevance and quality, without having to download the file and open it in a separate application. The Live Dashboard allows for real-time tracking of projects.


INTRA doesn’t require any third-party connections and integrates seamlessly within a client’s workflow. This is ideal for companies looking for secure translations done quickly in-house. Iconic’s secure cloud environment ensures user data is processed according to the highest information security and confidentiality requirements.


Additional software features cover a number of key areas, from the number of languages covered (2,000 combinations) to the wide variety of file formats supported; including Microsoft Office, emails, PDFs, plaintext and zip files. Our Project Management tool allows searching, downloading, and deleting of selected files or entire projects. A full description of all of the features can be found below.


Law Firm

Law Firms

Whether it’s ESI in litigation, contracts, or M&A, or simply emails, you can securely translate whatever documents come across your desk, and work on cases collaboratively with your colleagues.

Corporate Teams

Corporate Teams

Ideal for securely translating internal documents or emails from colleagues in other countries, or any other foreign language files you might come across during the course of a day’s work.

Service Providers

Consultancies, legal service providers, or even LSPs you’ll have different translation requirements depending on the nature of your field, and INTRA is flexible enough to adapt to your ad hoc needs, while always staying secure.

Localisation Managers

Localisation Managers

While most of your work will go through your TMS and existing workflows, there may be those files that you just want to run secure MT on quickly to get a gist without a lot of overhead. INTRA is for you!

Compliance Teams

Compliance Teams

Compliance monitoring crosses borders, and crossing borders means languages. With INTRA, you can create projects for different matters, teams, and locations and run translations securely with the click of a button.


And Others

Even if you're not a law firm, corporate, or service provider, and you have larger volumes of documents that you need to machine translate in a secure manner in an enterprise-grade solution, then INTRA may be the tool for you.

Check out some of our features


Proprietary Technology

Innovative, state-of-art, proprietary architecture based on neural networks and artificial intelligence means better, more effective translations.

Broad Language Coverage

Machine Translation in more than 50 languages and 2,000 language combinations means the vast majority of cases are covered.

Secure, Confidential

Our translation servers are secured using industry-leading standards, all data is encrypted, and you have full transparency and control over your data.

Automatic Language

Automatically detect the languages of your data set so you
can focus on the review at hand – in your language.

File Format Support

All common file formats supported including Microsoft Office emails, PDFs, plain text, and zip files are supported natively, amongst others.

Translation Preview

Quickly preview translated text on-the-fly in your browser without needing to download files.

Project Management

Manage, search, download, and delete selected files or entire projects, giving you full control over your translated information.

Bulk Translation

Upload large volumes of documents or folders in bulk – individually or in zipped format. The application will unpack, translate, and return in the original structure.

Watch the short demo video for more information on how INTRA can benefit your business!