Iconic API

Translation needs to be accessible on-demand 24/7 in order to meet whatever needs your clients may have. The Iconic API  (Application Programming Interface) allows users to connect directly to our service and retrieve translations from the cloud instantaneously.

Speed and Security

The Iconic API can be configured depending on the requirements of the users or the particular task at hand, be it a regular translation job or a high-volume job with a quick turnaround (e.g. e-discovery). All translations are carried out in a secure environment and no data is retained once translation is complete


The Iconic API can be leveraged in a number of ways, depending on the workflow. You can work with our engineering team and our Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop a custom integration into your workflow or proprietary systems. We also offer a number of connectors and plugins off-the-shelf for popular platforms across different industries, which can be used with no extra cost!


If using the cloud is not an option for your business, Iconic solutions can also be deployed fully on-premise or through other cloud platforms. This is achieved using a combination of virtual machine (VM) and containerisation technology. Our technical team would be happy to discuss the technical requirements for this option.

Contact us  to get in touch today for more information on how Iconic machine translation solutions can benefit your business. We look forward to hearing from you.