Post-Edited MT

Post-Edited Machine Translation

Iconic Translation Machines produce high-quality output designed for post-editing that allows translators and editors to be at their most productive when working with technical content.

This allows Language Service Providers to increase throughput, turn translation projects around faster, increase profit margins, and expand the range of services offered to their clients.

When is MT suitable?

Post-editing is the process by which humans review and improve the output from Machine Translation systems. Language Service Providers are increasingly exploring this option because, in theory, it can increase translator productivity, allowing them to translate more words in less time.

However, the MT needs to be of sufficient quality in order for it to be worth post-editing otherwise it can actually be counter-productive for the translator. This is typically the case when using free generic tools or when translating highly technical content. MT offerings that do not have a strong domain focus and do not consider the content being translated are not suitable for post-editing.

“Some MT errors take longer to fix than if you were translating from scratch”

At Iconic, our Linguistic Engineering™ approach ensures that the most important aspects of technical translation are handled correctly and that the output produced for post-editing gives rise to significant productivity gains.

Depending on the task at hand, our clients have reported productivity increases from 25-200% when post-editing our Iconic output. You can read some of our case studies for more information.

Not all translations are created equal

Not all translations need to be the same level of quality and Iconic Translation Machines allows LSPs to offer a range of services to their clients.

For example, in many cases, the unedited output from our Machine Translation systems is sufficient. You can read more about this solution here.

In terms of post-editing, depending on the end use of the translation, suppliers can offer both light post-editing and full post-editing. Here is a quick rundown on each one.

Light Post-Editing

What? The edits focus on correcting terminology and generally improving the accuracy and readability of the translation but less on the general style.
When? This is used when translation is for internal dissemination or for information purposes only.
Result? A translation that is fit for purpose and can be produced very quickly (big productivity increase).

Full Post-Editing

What? All edits are made in order to produce a fully grammatical, accurate translation.
When? This is done when the translation needs to be widely disseminated or certified.
Result? The same translation as would be produced by a professional translator from scratch but produced faster.

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