MT for Information

MT for Information Purposes

Iconic Translation Machines’ output can be used ‘as is’ by LSPs and other data providers for information purposes when a full professional translation quality is not necessary or feasible. The quality of our output is more than sufficient for at least getting the ‘gist’ of a document and determining whether further human intervention (perhaps light post-editing) is justifiable.

For Language Service Providers

Offering high-quality Machine Translation output directly to clients adds another string to an LSPs bow. It allows them to expand their range of services and open revenue streams that would not be possible without MT, e.g. high volume jobs with quick turnaround times. We present some examples of this further down the page.

For Data Providers

For businesses who supply or offer services around large collections of data – for example, patent database search providers – Iconic allows this data to be delivered across multiple languages through high-quality batch translation of data collection or via on-demand translation.

Use cases for unedited MT

There are a number of cases where the unedited output of Iconic Translation Machines is sufficient.

Iconic for On-Demand Translation

Who? Data Providers / Search Providers
What? Results from searchable databases need to be translated on-the-fly
How? Iconic provides high-quality on-demand translation of search results in cases where batch translation (below) is not in place. See our case study with the European Patent Office for more information.

Iconic for Batch Translation

Who? Data Providers
What? Huge collections of data need to be delivered to end-users across multiple languages
How? Iconic provides high-quality translation of existing data and on-going translation of new data added to the collection. Periodic re-translation is available as the translation machines improve over time.

Iconic for E-discovery

Who? Language Service Providers / Corporations / Legal Counsel
What? Large volumes of multilingual data need to be searched during legal discovery processes
How? Iconic provides high-quality translation in a timely fashion that is integratable into e-discovery platforms for optimal document analysis.

Iconic for Quick Turnaround

Who? Language Service Providers
What? Translation projects that need to be turned around faster than available professional translator resources will allow, e.g. civil litigation cases
How? Iconic provides high-quality translation that can deliver large volumes of translation in a short space of time. Depending on the requirements of the job and the time constraints, LSPs have multiple options with an MT solution.

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