Iconic API

Iconic API

Translation needs to be accessible on-demand 24/7 in order to meet whatever needs your clients may have. The Iconic API™ (Application Programming Interface) allows users to connect directly to our service and retrieve translations from the cloud instantaneously. Language Service Providers and other users can integrate Machine Translation seamlessly into their applications and workflow tools without any disruption.

Speed and Security

The Iconic API™ can be configured depending on the requirements of the users or the particular task at hand, be it a regular translation job or a high-volume job with a quick turnaround (e.g. e-discovery). All translations are carried out in a secure environment and no data is retained once a job is complete. This ensures that Iconic can be used for even the most confidential jobs such as those often encountered in the legal translation field.

“A multi-purpose translation service”

The Iconic API™ can be exploited in a number of ways, depending on the needs of the user. Language Service Providers can integrate with their Translation Management Systems and CAT tools for post-editing. For high-volume legal translation, e-discovery tools such as Catalyst can integrate MT to retrieve periodic batch translations.

Similarly, for data and search providers, the Iconic API™ can be integrated into publishing cycles to ensure that data collections can be delivered in multiple languages simultaneously until a professional translation can be acquired.


For users who do not need API access or do not have the capacity to use such a service, we can offer a number of other customised integration offerings. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

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