Data Security

Data Security

At Iconic, we know that data confidentiality is important to our clients. This is especially pertinent as we operate in the legal/patent translation industry where sensitive information is often being handled. To that end, our technical infrastructure is designed in such a way as to ensure maximum security.

Secure Cloud Computing

All of our services are hosted in top-tier secure cloud-computing facilities and all translations are carried out using this platform. Any data sent for translation is transient across our service. It exists while it is being translated and once the translation has completed it is expunged. We do not store or cache any translations on our servers without the expressed approval of the user.

No data. No training.

“No data. No training. Just start translating.” is not just a catchy slogan, but rather a core part of our service and security ethos. In order to start using Iconic Translation Machines, you do not need to provide us with potentially valuable, proprietary training data. We do not need to agree terms on usage of data. When dealing with confidential client data, there is no confusion over ownership rights to raw or derivative information.

Of course, for further optimisation of our core translation machines, users have the option of providing additional data, be it post-edits or supplementary training material. In such cases, these data assets remain the sole property of the client and are never re-used by Iconic for any other purpose.

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