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IPTranslator is our flagship product for the patent and legal translation industry. It delivers high-quality Machine Translation adapted specifically for this domain based on scientific expertise and deep domain knowledge.

These Machine Translation systems have been developed using the cutting-edge Ensemble Architecture™ designed over a number of years in conjunction with patent information professionals from a variety of industries to ensure that IPTranslator understands what the translation requirements are and how best to address them.

“Translation machines with subject matter expertise”

In highly technical areas like patents, translators typically need some familiarity with the subject matter in addition to language and translation skills. Why should this not apply also to machine translation? The short answer is, “it should”. That is why we have developed Ensemble Architecture™ that caters for all variations on these unique characteristics.

Some of the challenges inherent to patent and legal translation that we cater for include:

  • Different styles use across patent sections
    • Title – concise, not necessesarily grammatically complete, e.g. “STEELS WITH LATH MARTENSITE STRUCTURE”
    • Claims – single sentence, potentially long with multiple clauses, particular construction, e.g. “preamble + transitional phrase + limitations”
    • Description – significantly more techincal in nature
  • Complex constructs in certain fields
    • Amino acid sequences, chemical formulae, e.g “-CH2-(OCH2CH2)n-, -CO-NR’-, with R’=H or C1-C4 alkyl group; n=0-8; Y=F, CF3”
  • Formatting across languages
    • For instance, US patent abstracts are written as a single paragraph, while Japanese abstracts consist of three parts, namely 【課題】,【解決手段】 and【選択図】(Problem, Solution, Figures)

Application Areas

IPTranslator Machine Translations can be used for a variety of different translation needs in the legal industry. You can visit the case studies section for more information on how IPTranslator has helped our clients solve their translation needs in these areas.

Patent Applications and Filings

Patent translation is a core strength of IPTranslator. Our systems have been developed with vast databases of exitising translated patents working as part of our Ensemble Architecture™. These translations are used to reduce the cost and speed up the turnaround of patent documents being translated. [Case Study]

Searches and Search Reports

Patentability, Freedom to Operate, and Infringment searches represent cases where IPTranslator is particularly useful, especially in the MT for Information scenario. [Case Study]

IPTranslator can also be adapted to translate documents that refer to patents, such as written opinions regarding the patentability of the invention by International Searching Authorties. [Case Study]

E-discovery and Litigation

IPTranslator is used for high-volume quick turnaround jobs, for instance, during the Processing / Review stage of
e-discovery, where 1,000s of documents need to be translated in a short space of time. [Case Study]

“IPTranslator – award winning machine translation software”

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