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Our adaptive Neural Machine Translation applies to a variety of industries requiring highly technical translation. We have successfully developed translation machines across a variety of industries and will continue to roll-out our service to bring high-quality Machine Translation with subject matter expertise to new technical areas.

Future Proof Translation

Different industries require translation for different reasons, and frequently machine translation is the most effective approach, whether it’s for speed, cost, or quality reasons. Whether it’s for multilingul customer support, patent search, help content, compliance, or pharmacovigilance, we’ve got you covered with solutions for:

tick Intellectual Property
tick Legal / E-Discovery
tick Pharmaceutical / Medical
tick Chemistry
tick IT
tick Automotive
tick Financial

Check out our Case Studies page to see examples of some of these in action!

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If you are interested in Machine Translation for these areas and others, and/or would like to partner with Iconic on their development, please contact us below and we will be happy to discuss.

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