Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Protection Policy


At Iconic Translation Machines (hereinafter: Iconic), we respect your right to privacy. To that end, this policy serves to inform you, the user, of our principles and practices when it comes to the handling of your data.

The machine translation services provided by Iconic via our APIs, CAT tool connectors, and web applications (hereinafter: Iconic Services) enables companies which have entered into an agreement over the use of the Iconic Services and have created the necessary account (hereinafter: Customers) to translate text content from many languages to and from one another.

The Iconic Privacy Policy applies to all offerings of the Iconic Services operated by Iconic under the domains and and addresses all users of the Iconic Services, Customers and Co-Workers (hereinafter: Users).

Iconic respects your right to a sphere of privacy. Iconic always endeavours to offer you outstanding service for all products and services. In addition, Iconic would, by means of this data protection declaration, like to provide the Users of the offering with supplemental information concerning the handling of personal data. Iconic will of course treat all personal data that a User transmits in the course of the business relationship in compliance with the applicable data protection provisions.

The details about how Iconic handles personal data can be found in this data protection declaration.

1. Scope of application

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all offerings operated by Iconic under the domains and If other offerings of Iconic have a differing data protection declaration, the differing data protection declaration published on the respective website or in the respective offering shall apply. The Iconic offering might contain cross-references (“links”) to other websites of third-party providers. By clicking on such links you sometimes leave the websites or offering of Iconic and reach the websites or offerings of third parties, for whose content, compliance with data protection, or data protection declaration Iconic assumes no responsibility. The Iconic Privacy Policy does not apply to such websites or offerings of third parties. In particular, Iconic is not responsible if the same data protection standards that are observed by Iconic do apply on websites or offerings not operated by Iconic. For this reason, Users should carefully read through the data protection declarations of linked websites or offerings.

2. Data categories and gathering of data

Iconic gathers personal data in order to provide Users with the Iconic Services, which is constantly being optimized, as described below.

Personal data

“Personal data” is understood to refer to individual particulars concerning personal or objective circumstances of a specific or determinable natural person. This is data such as e.g. name, mailing address, and telephone number.

Particular types of personal data

Iconic does not gather or store any data that provides sensitive personal information, such as information concerning ethnic heritage, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, labor union affiliation or health, unless the User voluntarily discloses such information in his communication with Iconic.

Master data

Iconic gathers personal data to the extent that they are necessary for the establishment, substantive structure or modification of the contractual relationship between Iconic and the respective User concerning use of the offering of Iconic (“master data”).

Usage data

To the extent necessary for Iconic, Iconic will gather and use data of a User in order to enable and bill for the proper and contractually appropriate utilization of the products and services (“usage data”). Usage data are, in particular, characteristics for purposes of identifying the User, information concerning the beginning and end, as well as the scope of the respective use, and information concerning products and services utilized by the User.

3. Use of data

Iconic gathers and processes personal data of Users only to the extent that Iconic assumes that such gathering and processing reasonably serves its lawful business purpose and that the data have been voluntarily communicated by the User (for example, in forms or otherwise within the framework of the offering operated by Iconic) in electronic or other communication. Relevant for Iconic in this regard is the goal of product and service optimization in the interests of Users.

Data logging for internal system purposes and statistical purposes

Iconic’s system automatically records information, namely usage data, during the visit to Iconic’s offering. This might include data such as browser type, browser language, geographical origin, date and type of the visit, access time or the address of the visited pages, the User’s IP address and the domains from which the User is accessing Iconic’s offering.


Iconic uses so-called “cookies.” A cookie contains information that the Iconic offering sends to the User’s browser, which then stores the information on the User’s system. If cookies are used, Iconic’s offering is able to note information about the User and his settings until the User closes the current browser window (so-called “session cookies”). Iconic uses cookies for statistical purposes as described below.

Iconic uses session cookies when Users log in to the Iconic offering. In this case, Iconic’s web server automatically sends a session cookie to the User’s browser. Session cookies are used within the framework of authentication of Users. Authorized Users are logged when they register for the Iconic Services. A session cookie is set for the connection, to indicate that the User has been authenticated. This session cookie contains random data that the server uses to authenticate the browser queries to the server within that session. Cookies contain information about which services within the Iconic Services the Users have been used, in which country the computer of the User is located and in which language the Iconic Services has been used. Additionally, the cookie contains the User ID, a number which is assigned to each User by Iconic. In addition, the session cookie contains a value, by means of which the Iconic software can determine which page is supposed to be displayed when the User clicks the “back” button in his browser. The session cookie is deleted as soon as the User closes the current browser window.

Contractual relationship

Iconic uses personal data of Users to the extent necessary for the establishment, performance or ending of the contractual relationship with the respective Users. This is the case if, among other things, Users wish to utilize the products and services of Iconic via the Iconic offering.

3.1 Establishment
Both the simple transmission of specific personal data by the User (for example, in specific forms for product or service orders), as well as the registration of a User for use of the Iconic Services and/or other services offered by Iconic, might be necessary by way of electronic or other communication as part of the use of the Iconic offering. A User’s registration for the opening of an account on Iconic’s offering (“Account”) generally requires the entry of an email address of the User. A password is selected by the User either during registration or by following a link in a confirmation message to the email address stated by the User. Upon voluntary confirmation of the registration, the User receives access to Iconic’s offering. Besides that, Iconic assigns each User who registered for the Iconic Services a User-ID, by which Iconic can identify and authorize the User’s requests during User’s visit on the websites of Iconic Services.

3.2 Performance
To the extent necessary for the performance of the contractual relationship between Iconic and the respective Users, Iconic uses personal data of Users, for example, for the transmission or furnishing of products or services within the framework of the use contract that has been concluded and for the use possibilities in connection with the use contract (for example, downloading the translations or asking for support etc.). In addition, relevant data are used in order to gain knowledge of malfunctions or an abuse of Iconic’s offering.

For purposes of payment processing, Iconic has the right to forward User data to service providers engaged to collect the fee if this is necessary to do so in order to determine the fee and obtain settlement from the User.

Iconic will transmit the User’s VAT Identification Number, if provided by the User, to the European Commission in order to verify the VAT Identification Number provided by the User.

Iconic is also entitled to make User data available to third parties, to which claims of Iconic against Users have been assigned, to the extent that making such data available is necessary to the collection of the claim. Iconic will inform the User of the name of the third parties.

If Iconic collaborates with third parties for purposes of the rendering of the services, Iconic will obligate them to observe the applicable data protection provisions and guarantee adequate data protection. If operation of the entire offering or a portion of the offering or a product or service of Iconic, for which Users have registered, is transmitted to a third party in whole or in part, Iconic is entitled to provide such third party with the Users’ personal data for the purpose of the further operation of the offering or portions of the offering or the product or service.

3.3 Ending
Iconic also uses personal data of the respective affected parties in the course of ending the contractual relationship with a User to the extent necessary to wind up the obligatory relationship. This can include, for example, the settlement of an outstanding balance.

Communication with Users

User data can be used within the framework of communication. In this regard as well, Iconic will adhere to its standards as set in this data protection declaration. In the event of inquiries by Users, Iconic will process personal data for the purpose of answering them. Iconic archives correspondence with Users with the goal of improvement of Iconic’s products and services and Iconic’s offering and for its own business purposes.

4.1 Surveys
Occasionally Iconic will request data as part of surveys. Participation in such surveys and the declaration of data by the User are voluntary. The User is free with respect to whether he wishes to make statements and consent to the gathering and processing of such data. The survey data are used in order to supervise and improve Iconic’s offering and the products and services, as well as to improve Iconic’s service offering.

Information about the Iconic Services

Iconic may use personal data of Users for the purpose of providing its Users with useful information about the Iconic Services, e.g. if new services are implemented or if the Iconic Services are enhanced.

Iconic may send such information regarding the Iconic Services via email to its Users, using the Users’ email addresses they provided when the Users have registered. Users can object at any time to the use of their email address for the receipt of such Iconic information, without the Users incurring transmission costs for this other than the transmission costs according to the basic rates. Iconic refers the Users of the Iconic Services clearly and distinctly to their right to object.

Data transmission to third parties

Iconic is entitled to transmit and store Users’ personal data to other member states of the European Union or within the European Economic Area, exclusively for the purposes stated in this data protection declaration, especially as set out in sec. 3.3.2 and 6.2. Besides that, Iconic will not transmit personal data of Users to any third parties.

4. Data integrity and security

Iconic endeavours to achieve a level of correctness of the stored personal data of Users that corresponds to the current standards. For this purpose, Iconic will take a precautionary measure by allowing individual persons reasonable access to the stored personal data of Users in order to check, correct or anonymize (if necessary), block or delete such data. Within the framework of Iconic’s offering, the opportunity also exists for our Users, following authentication, to independently inspect and/or modify the data they have transmitted.

The protection of personal data that Iconic has received from Users of the offering is an important component of the company philosophy of Iconic. Iconic has protected personal data of Users of offerings of Iconic against loss, abuse and modification by means of security measures of a physical, technical and administrative nature. As in the case of all transmissions of data via the Internet, however, a residual risk also remains in the case of sending and receiving personal data. Iconic attempts to minimize this risk by means of encryption – in part with the help of the Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) – of the data transmitted by the Users of Iconic’s offering in connection with orders of products and services or in connection with authentication for the purpose utilization of Iconic’s offering.

Iconic points out to Users that, in spite of the stringent requirements Iconic places on data protection, all information that a User voluntarily releases via the Internet can also potentially be used by others. For this reason, Iconic cannot assume any responsibility or liability for the disclosure of information as a result of errors in data transmission and/or unauthorized access by third parties.

5. Rights of the Users

Each User has a right to the correction, blocking and deletion of his personal data in accordance with the statutory provisions. If the User does not undertake any amendment or deletion himself, Iconic is available at the address stated at the end of this Privacy Policy and is happy to receive corresponding applications. Iconic will appropriately amend or, as the case may be, delete personal data of Users of Iconic’s offering as quickly as possible. Iconic points out that, due to technical and organizational conditions, it is possible that, even after the request for amendment or deletion, some measures will still be carried out that have already begun, but have not yet been completely executed, after Users notified Iconic of the request for deletion. Iconic likewise points out, however, that deletion of User data is only possible if it is not precluded by legal provisions, particularly with respect to data for billing and/or bookkeeping purposes.

Iconic can be contacted at the address stated at the end of this Privacy Policy for corresponding applications or, as the case may be, communications by Users.

6. Information

Users as well as third parties sometimes have a right to information with respect to the data gathered and stored by Iconic. In specific individual cases, Iconic is entitled to give information or obligated to give such information to the competent offices on the basis of statutory provisions.

Informational right of Users

In response to a request by a User, Iconic will at no charge give information concerning all personal data stored by Iconic concerning him. In principle, such information is transmitted in electronic form (via email). Such Customer inquiries are to be directed to the address stated at the end of this data protection declaration. If the User takes advantage of this opportunity for the issuance of information via email, the stated email address (both sender and recipient) will not be used for any purpose other than the issuance of information and the documentation thereof.

Informational right of third parties

In individual cases, Iconic can be entitled to inform third parties concerning personal data of the Users of offerings of Iconic. Iconic reserves the use of its right to give information in individual cases following detailed review and careful consideration. If Iconic is legally obligated to forward its data to local, state, national or international agencies, Iconic will comply with such obligation. In addition, Iconic will disclose data to third parties if applicable statutes and regulations so require. Moreover, Iconic can disclose information in order to review or prevent illegal activities or a suspicion of fraud or to initiate appropriate counter-measures or in order to enforce or apply the contracts of Iconic.

7. Incorporation, validity and currentness of the Privacy Policy

By using the offering and the services associated therewith, Users consent to the use of data described above. Version 3.0 of this Privacy Policy dated January 30th, 2017 is currently valid.

8. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

Iconic reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, but Iconic will always observe the applicable statutes concerning data protection. Iconic recommends that Users review the current Privacy Policy at the time of each visit to the Iconic offering. Iconic will naturally inform the Users in advance if it wishes to use the Users’ personal data to a greater extent than set forth in this data protection declaration.

9. Contact

Your interest is important to Iconic. You can reach Iconic at:
Iconic Translation Machines Ltd., INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.