Multilingual e-Discovery. 5 Elements of Best Practice Webcast

Date: Wednesday 4 December 2019 Time: 4pm - 4:30pm GMT Title: Multilingual e-Discovery - 5 Elements of Best Practice E-Discovery Day, now in its fifth year, is one of the largest gatherings in the U.S. of legal professionals celebrating the important role that e-discovery plays in the Legal Governance, Risk management, and Compliance space (GRC). The one day event is an opportunity for attorneys, litigators,...

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eDiscovery and Legal Technology Conference 2019

Date: 29 November 2019 Location: Dublin, Ireland Title: eDiscovery and Legal Technology Conference The eDiscovery and Legal Technology Conference 2019 takes place at Croke Park, in Dublin, the 29th November, and Iconic's CEO, Dr. John Tinsley, will be attending. This is Ireland's only dedicated e-discovery event, and is in its sixth year running. As the largest annual gathering of e-discovery practitioners and service providers, participants...

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Machine Translation Quality - How good is it? -

In the eighth video of The Essential Guide to Neural MT series, Iconic’s Marketing Associate Dana Sheridan, speaks about machine translation quality. Machine translation is fast, efficient and can save on costs, but what is the quality of the translation like? This is an essential question, because if the quality isn’t good enough, there is no real benefit to using machine translation. [embedyt][/embedyt] Sign up today to...

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