Iconic’s consortium awarded contract by EU worth over €1 million euro for Neural MT development

Iconic’s consortium awarded funding by the European Commission under CEF program. Award was the largest amount provided under INEA in this call (€1,138,781). Project entitled PRINCIPLE: Providing Resources in Irish, Norwegian, Croatian and Icelandic for the Purposes of Language Engineering. Dublin – March 20, 2019– Iconic Translation Machines (Iconic), a leading Machine Translation (MT) software […]

The Neural MT Weekly blog

Issue #29 – Improving Robustness in Neural MT

Author: Dr. Rohit Gupta, Sr. Machine Translation Scientist @ Iconic   Despite the high level of performance in current Neural MT engines, there remains a significant issue with robustness when it comes to unexpected, noisy input. When the input is not clean, the quality of the output drops drastically. In this issue, we will take a […]

The Neural MT Weekly blog

Issue #28 – Hybrid Unsupervised Machine Translation

  Author: Dr. Patrik Lambert, Machine Translation Scientist @ Iconic In Issue #11 of this series, we first looked directly at the topic of unsupervised machine translation – training an engine without any parallel data. Since then, it has gone from a promising concept, to one that can produce effective systems that perform close to […]

The Neural MT Weekly blog

Issue #27 – Use case: Neural MT for the Life Sciences

Author: Dr. John Tinsley, CEO @ Iconic   Neural MT has had quite a significant impact on how global enterprises are looking at translation automation to improve existing workflows. Above and beyond that, however, organisations are considering how machine translation can transform key areas of their business. The reasons for this are clear – when […]

CodeX Meeting SLS

CodeX Meeting – February 28

  Iconic’s CEO, Dr. John Tinsley, has been invited to speak at CodeX about Iconic’s proprietary neural machine translation (MT) software solution for e-discovery. CodeX is a partnership between the Stanford Law School and the Department of Computer Science, which explores how information technology can enhance legal processes. Specifically, it brings together researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs […]

The Neural MT Weekly Blog series

Issue #26 – Context and Copying in Neural MT

Author: Raj Patel, Machine Translation Scientist @ Iconic When translating from one language to another, certain words and tokens need to be copied, and not translated, per se, in the target sentence. This includes things like proper nouns, names, numbers, and ‘unknown’ tokens. We want these to appear in the translation just as they were […]

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