The Neural MT Weekly

NMT 93 Semantic Neural Machine Translation using AMR

Author: Dr. Karin Sim, Machine Translation Scientist @ Iconic Introduction Semantic representations were part of the very early Machine Translation (MT) systems, yet have had little role in recent Neural MT (NMT) systems. Given that a good translation should reflect the meaning of the source text, this seems an important area to focus on, particularly since the abstraction could potentially help handle data sparsity. In today’s blog...

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NMT 92 The Importance of References in Evaluating MT Output

Author: Dr. Carla Parra Escartín, Global Program Manager @ Iconic Introduction Over the years, BLEU has become the “de facto standard” for Machine Translation automatic evaluation. However, and despite being the metric being referenced in all MT research papers, it is equally criticized for not providing a reliable evaluation of the MT output. In today’s blog post we look at the work done by Freitag et al....

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