11 June 2020 | “Neural Machine Translation: The Future”

28 May 2020 | “Neural Machine Translation: The Present”

21 May 2020 | “Neural Machine Translation: The Past”

6 December 2019 | “Multilingual e-Discovery, 5 Elements of Best Practice Webcast”

28 November 2017 | “The growing role of translation technology in e-discovery, litigation, digital forensics and more.”

6 July 2016 | Pulling back the curtain: how to assess the suitability of MT for your business.”

30 Jun 2014 | “Delivering Machine Translation with Subject Matter Expertise.

29 July 2019 | “The Challenges of Multilingual Litigation”

Check out Iconic Co-founder John Tinsley discussing the company at the Enterprise Ireland Big Ideas event in 2013.


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