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Pharmacovigilance and Case Intake Challenges

Rising case volumes

Multiple languages

Reports from multiple sources

Tight regulatory deadlines

Process is highly manual

Resource and cost intensive

Slow and time consuming

Delays are costly and dangerous

A Modern Case Intake Workflow


Iconic’s solutions can be incorporated at multiple stages in the case intake process – particularly at translation time – to automate various steps and introduce efficiencies.

» Case Initiation stage: file handlers, and optical character recognition can pull data from various sources to get information into machine-readable format.

» Translation stage: bespoke Neural Machine Translation technology – adapted to your products – can rapidly translate information into a single language for processing.

» Allocation & Triage, Case Entry, Data Entry stages: various AI and  machine learning processes can apply to automate document classification, detect specific entities, extract information for case generation and summarisation.

» Quality Control stage: this step does not go away with automation. Your Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams, whether internal or outsourced, will still validate the results of the automated workflow to ensure absolute quality.

Iconic Solutions

Neural Machine Translation


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Iconic’s bespoke Neural Machine Translation solutions for pharmacovigilance take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to translation in the case intake at assessment process. The technology works in conjunction with existing translation and QA workflows to more effectively process multilingual information

Beyond translation, Iconic’s AI solutions can be adapted throughout the case intake workflow to accelerate the process and different stages. These solutions can be integrated in the cloud, or on-premise, via our APIs and interfaces, to process patient information in a fast, effective, and secure manner.

The role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences Sector e-Book

In this e-book you’ll learn how organisations are adopting AI-powered language technology to process critical information more quickly, effectively, and securely than ever before.

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The Role of Neural Machine Translation in the Life-Sciences e-Book

The role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences Sector Video

In this video Iconic’s Global Head of Enterprise Sales, Diane O’Reilly,  shares some specific examples of natural language processing innovation by the life sciences industry.

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The role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences Sector Video

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