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Innovative language technologies for effective drug development

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Drug Development Process

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Translation is frequently required in the course of bringing a drug to market, including in drug discovery, clinical research, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, marketing and packaging. Iconic’s bespoke Neural MT solutions are built specifically for each of our customers’ use cases. Our best-in-class, proprietary software is developed in-house by our team of expert scientists, ensuring that our machine translation is helping you to get the results you need, faster and more efficiently than ever before, all while maintaining necessary quality requirements.

Neural Machine Translation


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It is clear that to be competitive, new technologies must be embraced. Now more than ever, it is essential to employ machine learning, NLP, and artificial intelligence technologies to assist with digital transformation and process automation initiatives. Iconic’s tailored solutions are built to create the most effective workflows. 

Whether using Neural MT for conducting multilingual patent searches, using NLP processes to extract information, or machine learning technology to automate processes, Iconic has the know-how to create a bespoke solution just for you.



In this e-book you’ll learn how organisations are adopting AI-powered language technology to process critical information more quickly, effectively, and securely than ever before. 

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Life Sciences Video

Iconic’s Global Head of Enterprise Sales, Diane O’Reilly, shares some specific examples of natural language processing innovation by the life sciences industry.

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Case Study

Case Study

The CAS  case study illustrates how Iconic developed innovative machine learning approaches to extend its existing Machine Translation (MT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for a large-scale project of digitisation, translation, extraction and indexing for CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. 

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