Clinical Trials

A better way to effectively translate critical information 

Challenge Points

High cost of manual translation

Slow speed of manual translation

Decentralised services

Clinical Trials Translation Processes

The Clinical Trials translation workflow involves several steps to ensure the highest quality of translation. The problem is, the process is very slow, costly, and decentralised. Initiating this translation process with Iconic’s bespoke, neural machine translation, is a critical first step to foster quick, centralised processing of important information, getting the job done swiftly and across as many languages as your trial requires. Used in conjunction with post editing and linguistic review, this process will save substantial time, without sacrificing the quality of the final outcome.


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Patient-facing Reporting

Iconic’s translation solution involves a strategic technology transformation, which will speed up processes, giving rise to faster turnaround. The results are immediate translation, with faster professional translation turnaround. In short, this brings about substantial time savings and ultimately, substantial cost savings.

Internal Reports

There are many cases when high-quality raw MT output is more than sufficient. Internal communications, and internal reports can be costly and time consuming to manually translate, and often this information is not shared between sites because of this. Given the quality of Neural MT today, it is now cost effective to use for such internal communications, allowing more cross communication between multinational sites.

Iconic’s Translation Automation Solution

» Automate the translation of reports, for ease of dissemination, regardless of the language

» Translate vast amounts of information into multiple languages using post-editing

» Use of high-quality raw MT translations for in-house teams only – allowing for more cross-communication between sites

» Centralise initial translation process – providing clarity on processes and costs and reducing overheads

A Sample of Clinical Trial Documents for Translation

Investigator brochures

Adverse Event Reports

Ethics committee letters

Clinical trial reports

Informed Consent/HIPAA/Assent Forms

Patient Questionnaires

Patient Diary/Event Log

Patient Records

Case Report Forms




The role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences Sector e-Book

In this e-book you’ll learn how organisations are adopting AI-powered language technology to process critical information more quickly, effectively, and securely than ever before.

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The Role of Neural Machine Translation in the Life-Sciences e-Book

The role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences Sector Video

In this video Iconic’s Global Head of Enterprise Sales, Diane O’Reilly,  shares some specific examples of natural language processing innovation by the life sciences industry.

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The role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences Sector Video

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