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Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing as a competitive advantage.
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Processing crucial workflows faster and more efficiently using AI and NLP is key to decrease time to market.

Neural Machine Translation (MT) and AI are having a transformative effect within Life Sciences. Global life sciences organisations are feeling the increased demands of a growing multilingual content landscape. Significant regulatory requirements to understand and report on, all with quite tight deadlines – not to mention significant penalties if missed – requires organisations to be adaptable to new developments while adopting new technologies.

Iconic’s machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including Neural MT, can assist with the necessary digital transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) initiatives required to be competitive. Our solution helps to get the job done quicker, while maintaining highest standards, plain and simple.

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Iconic’s MT solutions use machine learning, NLP, and AI technologies in innovative ways to solve the growing challenge of understanding, searching and translating multilingual data automatically for many areas, including: research, drug development, drug safety, disease identification, and global clinical research.

The benefits are clear. Enhanced, streamlined processes bring critical time savings to the workflow, while ensuring patient safety. This time savings translates into significantly decreased time to market – the ultimate goal for every product.

Iconic’s proprietary Neural MT Translation solutions are created in-house by our own team of expert scientists. Our domain-adapted solutions afford the highest level of translation quality.

How do we do that? Our engines are heavily tailored to the specifics of the domain, creating best in class, Neural MT solutions for specific users. Out of the box is simply out of the question. Our bespoke solutions are built just for you.

Our solution allows for a flexible workflow through custom integration, a platform connector, or a Web APP.


Dealing with adverse events quickly and effectively is crucial to ensuring patient safety.

Global Pharmacovigilance compliance requirements are strict and impose very short turnaround times for pharma and medical device companies to file adverse event reports.

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Clinical Trials

A better way to effectively translate critical information.

The global nature of clinical trials, with trial sites located around the world, means that language is a critical challenge.

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Drug Development

Any drug development process must proceed through several stages.

Translation is required at many stages in the course of bringing a drug to market, including clinical research, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, marketing and packaging.

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Iconic’s Features

Automation is a key factor to digital transformation, and has the ability to substantially reduce processing times. Many workflows can benefit from automation, when used in conjunction with quality control checks. Iconic’s team works with you to build solutions tailored to best suit your needs – and not just for translation. Whether adding RPA processing within workflows for adverse event reporting, clinical trials, or drug development, Iconic uses innovative machine learning technology to help modernise your workflow.

Quality is an important requirement of every workflow. With the right quality assurance processes in place, absolute quality can be assured. Users get all the benefits of automation — faster turnaround times, lower costs and lower overheads — with no change in the end result.

At Iconic, we fully understand and appreciate the requirements for privacy, particularly when it comes to health care and personal data. Data confidentiality, security and protection is of the utmost importance. Our Terms of Service, and Privacy and Data Protection Policy for our cloud solutions clearly set out the measures and provisions we take to ensure the integrity of your information.

Why neural machine translation (NMT)? Why now? Why life sciences? Iconic’s CEO, Dr. John Tinsley, answers those questions in the latest issue of MultiLingual magazine.

Read the article “The Growing Role of Neural MT in the Life Sciences”:

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