Regulatory Compliance
Bad actors pose a risk to all businesses, so real-time monitoring is critical for ensuring regulatory compliance. Iconic’s cutting edge Neural Machine Translation technology integrates with your monitoring solutions to shine a light on suspicious activity, in any language.
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Real-time regulatory compliance monitoring is commonplace across the financial sector and beyond, but is becoming increasingly complicated. It is multimodal, with voice, text, and video. It is growing in scale with increasing volumes of digital information being exchanged. It is multilingual with information being created and shared globally, in many different languages. Monitoring solutions must be integrated and equipped with tools to allow them to detect suspicious activity, in real-time, regardless of the format or the language. That’s where Iconic comes in.

Iconic’s best-in-class Neural MT solutions fit seamlessly into your regtech stack, allowing you to proactively monitor for regulatory compliance, whatever the language.


More than 50 languages supported, covering the biggest of global operations.


Detect suspicious or inappropriate activity as it happens, so you can act on it before it escalates.


Deployed on secure cloud, or behind the firewall, ensuring absolute information security.

Automate repetitive manual processes and make operations more efficient and effective


Fits seamlessly with end-to-end tools like Relativity Trace, and voice solutions like Intelligent Voice.

Iconic – one piece of the puzzle

Businesses face many legal and regulatory risks, whether it is making sure employees are adhering to anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, carrying out trader surveillance, or making sure investment teams are meeting fiduciary standards.

In smaller organisations, the volume of information might be low, or in a limited number of languages. However, the reality of today’s globalised economy is that transactions can take place any time, anywhere in the world, and that means potentially in any language.

Machine Translation is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to global, real-time proactive regulatory compliance monitoring, but it is an important one to ensure risk is being reduced. Iconic integrates with a range of partners and solutions to make sure that real-time translation is at the heart of the matter – but only when it needs to be.

Relativity Trace

Relativity TraceIconic is one of the first third-party applications to integrate with Relativity Trace, allowing users to translate relevant information, as detected by Trace, as soon as it happens so it can be acted upon before it escalates. This can be achieved at the simple click of a button, or automatically as Relativity Analytics detects another language in the data.

Intelligent Voice

Text, in the form of emails, chats, and documents, is just one of the formats that needs to be monitored. Voice and video are increasingly important and Intelligent Voice (IV) is a world-leading solution for audio processing for compliance monitoring. With the ability to detect and process up to 18 languages, Iconic can work seamlessly with transcriptions and alerts produced by IV to translate and interpret audio information across languages.

Watch a demo of our machine translation in action within Relativity, and reach out to our team for a one-to-one walkthrough. We look forward to hearing from you.