e-Discovery in One Language… Yours
A better way to carry out foreign language document review. Iconic's e-discovery solution allows you to translate foreign language ESI quickly, securely, and effectively.
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Be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to foreign language data.

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Removing the language barrier from TAR.

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Secure translations, anywhere in the world.

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Neural Machine Translation

Adding value to the document translation and review process.

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Bespoke Solutions

High-quality translation on-time, in-budget, directly into your workflow.

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Case Studies


MT in Action for e-Discovery

Fast, flexible, and easily scalable cloud MT solution

Pan-American litigation case with specific language focus. Translation solution deployed as enterprise-grade cloud-based solution. On-demand real-time translation supported a complex review workflow operating across multiple jurisdictions. Stringent system of user permissions implemented to control access to data across teams.

Absolute information security with on-premise MT

Global high-profile litigation case. Highly sensitive data safeguarded through an on-premise installation at client site. Large volumes of ESI required for translation on an unpredictable schedule, supported by scalable architecture. Custom support to meet client data format and formatting requirements.

Superior custom solution for multilingual cross-border litigation

Investigation in European Union requiring multilingual support. Proprietary technology adapted for industry across multiple languages. Enhanced search functionality, initially implemented for this project, used extensively to support document review. Language identification critical given the multilinguality of the jurisdiction.

INTRA is a web-based translation platform that allows for the management of multiple users and projects across your organisation, providing a secure and transparent centralised platform for document translation, independent of any particular document review platform. In this demo, we show how to use it to solve a range of multilingual challenges, from a user’s perspective as well as from an administrator’s perspective.



Better quality, secure, robust, real-time translation tailored for your legal case allows you to streamline multilingual document review of ESI making the process faster, more effective, and more cost efficient.