e-Discovery Get Started

Translation has never been easier!

You can enjoy 24/7 access to instant translations through a number of easy-to-use integrations including our do-it-yourself web application, Relativity plugin, and more. Iconic’s proprietary software has been designed to fit into your workflow, regardless of your e-discovery process. Whether it’s at the processing, review, or analysis stages, we can streamline translation integration, with flexible security options, depending on your needs.

Iconic’s online translation platform

We have developed a secure and intuitive web browser application, that gives you full control over your translations. Simply log in to your client portal, upload your files individually, in bulk, or zipped, and let us take care of the rest.

Featuring file analysis, automatic language identification, file format preservation, quick translation preview, and project management, this solution is ideal for clients who wish to manage the translation processing of their files themselves outside of other platforms.


Streamlined integration directly into your e-discovery workflow

Relativity Plugin

We provide seamless integration of our translation software into leading e-discovery platforms, including Relativity. Relativity users can streamline their workflow of e-discovery data between their platform and Iconic’s innovative translation software in a single location. Read more on the Relativity App Hub or contact us for a demo!



Custom integration via our Iconic API

Our simple but powerful API allows us to integrate our translation software into any other e-discovery or data management platforms that you might work with. If we don’t already have a connector, we can build one!

Managed services

If you don’t have the resources to manage translation projects internally, allow our managed services team to take care of things for you. Simply share the files with us via secure transfer over FTP, Sharefile, or any other tool and we’ll return them back to you ready for review and analysis in your language.


Transparent and fixed-cost solutions

Whether you process your data through Iconic’s web application, an e-discovery platform, or our managed services team, Iconic offers a transparent and fixed pricing model based on the amount of information you are translating. This provides cost certainty and control for your e-discovery project from the outset.

Check out our demo and get in touch for a quote today!