E-discovery in one language… yours

A better way to carry out foreign language document review

Iconic's e-discovery solution allows you to translate foreign language ESI quickly, securely, and effectively


Be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to foreign language data.

In an evolving legal landscape preparation is key.

Cases with foreign data are infrequent yet need to be addressed immediately. Be proactive and future-ready by securing a solution equipped to handle multilingual data in any format, on-demand, at scale, and processed securely in the relevant jurisdiction.

Our e-discovery translation software empowers you to search for and find the most relevant documents in your multilingual content, in your language at a moment’s notice. Translate vast amounts of foreign-language ESI quickly, securely, and effectively. Are you ready?

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Removing the language barrier from TAR.

Machine translation in more than 50 languages, and over 2,000 combinations means you don’t have to worry about what language your data is in. Our software can detect the language automatically so you can focus on the task at hand.

Our proprietary innovative software enables better quality custom end-to-end translation solutions, which can be further adapted to your specific legal case through custom enhancements. We empower you, the user, to search for and find the most relevant documents in your multilingual content, in your language.

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Secure translations, anywhere in the world.

Data confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. We safeguard your sensitive data in our software, allowing you to benefit from absolute information security.

Our private cloud solutions are secured over the wire using certified SSL technology, and our on-premise solutions ensure your data never leaves your network, preventing information leaks.

        • Geo-fenced servers
        • 256-bit SSL encryption
        • User permissions
        • Audit trails and activity logging

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Adding value to the document translation and review process.

Our world-leading proprietary translation software covers more than 50 languages, dozens of file formats and content types – emails, memos, contracts, reports, and more – and does it all in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that integrates directly into your workflow.

Whether you’re using Relativity or other platforms, our own web application, or working with our professional services team, your translations will be taken care of as quickly, cost effectively, and securely as our state-of-the-art technology can, with plenty of value-adding features to enhance your review.

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High-quality translation on-time, in-budget, directly into your workflow.

Sometimes we need to handle massive amounts of data. It doesn’t matter. Our service scales to meet your needs, translating large volumes of data translated hundreds of times faster, regardless of the language.

Equally effective for translating a single email or hundreds of gigabytes worth of content across multiple
file formats, with seamless integration into your review workflow.

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Relativity connector, web application, and more. Getting started with Iconic couldn’t be easier!

    • Iconic’s online translation platform – enjoy 24/7 access to instant translations through our own secure and intuitive web portal.
    • Integrated solutions – allow you to manage translation seamlessly within your e-discovery workflow via custom integration with the Iconic API, or direct integrations with leading e-discovery platforms such as Relativity.
    • Managed services – just transfer the files to us and we’ll return them translated and ready for analysis and review!

Furthermore, a transparent and fixed pricing model per gigabyte delivers cost certainty and control for your e-discovery project from the outset.

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Case Studies

MT in Action for eDiscovery

Case Study

Fast, flexible, and easily scalable cloud MT solution

Pan-American litigation case with specific language focus.

Translation solution deployed as enterprise-grade cloud-based solution.

On-demand real-time translation supported a complex review workflow operating across multiple jurisdictions.

Stringent system of user permissions implemented to control access to data across teams.

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Case Study

Absolute information security with on-premise MT

Global high-profile litigation case.

Highly sensitive data safeguarded through an on-premise installation at client site.

Large volumes of ESI required for translation on an unpredictable schedule, supported by scalable architecture.

Custom support to meet client data format and formatting requirements.

Case Study

Superior custom solution for multilingual cross-border litigation

Investigation in European Union requiring multilingual support.

Proprietary technology adapted for industry across multiple languages.

Enhanced search functionality, initially implemented for this project, used extensively to support document review.

Language identification critical given the multilinguality of the jurisdiction.

“Iconic delivered measureable gains from the outset. Rarely have we seen the complexities of MT integration in large scale production processes handled as competently and efficiently.”

Better quality, secure, robust, real-time translation tailored for your legal case allows you to streamline multilingual document review of ESI making the process faster, more effective, and more cost efficient.

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