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NMT 128 Using Context in Neural MT Training Objectives

Author: Dr. Danielle Saunders, Research Scientist @ RWS

We have a guest post this week, but it's not really a "guest" as the recently acquired SDL team joins forces with Iconic as part of RWS! Nevertheless, we are pleased to have Dr. Danielle Saunders describe her most recent paper on using context in Minimum Risk Training to improve machine translation tuning and to fix hallucinations. Enjoy!...

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NMT 119 Machine Translationese _ Effects of Algorithmic Bias on Linguistic Complexity in Machine Translation

This week we have a guest post from Eva Vanmassenhove, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University, Dimitar Shterionov, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University, and Matt Gwilliam, from the University of Maryland. In Translation Studies, it is common to refer to a term called "translationese" that encapsulates a set of linguistic features commonly present in human translations as opposed to originally written texts. Researchers in the Machine Translation...

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