NMT 119 Machine Translationese _ Effects of Algorithmic Bias on Linguistic Complexity in Machine Translation

This week we have a guest post from Eva Vanmassenhove, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University, Dimitar Shterionov, Assistant Professor at Tilburg University, and Matt Gwilliam, from the University of Maryland. In Translation Studies, it is common to refer to a term called "translationese" that encapsulates a set of linguistic features commonly present in human translations as opposed to originally written texts. Researchers in the Machine Translation...

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MT Podcast

Iconic is pleased to offer this podcast of the Q&A session from our recent Iconic Online event. Iconic’s Co-Managing Director and MT expert, Dr. John Tinsley and Sales Director, Stephen Davis, answer questions from the legal community about machine translation. There are quite a range of topics covered. They discuss how neural machine translation works, how it has evolved and where new developments are coming from. They...

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