How machine translation positively impacted changing workflows in foreign language review


Languages: Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, French

Content: e-Discovery, Emails, Spreadsheets, Reports

Technologies: Neural Machine Translation, Automatic Language Detection, Relativity Analytics

Integration: Relativity Connector


In e-discovery, the need to manage foreign language documents for hosting and review is more critical than ever as the rate of cross-border litigation increases. Trustpoint.One is a market leader in business and legal solutions with core expertise in e-discovery and translation.

Trustpoint.One was eager to reduce the time and cost associated with a large multi-lingual matter. This would involve creating best practices for analysing foreign language data sets, structuring key word searches, and creating time and security advantages of doing batch translations within their secure Relativity hosting environment.

A matter arose that brought this into sharp focus.



On a particular matter, the requirements for a machine translation solution were many, including broad language availability across all major European and Asian languages, fast and effective processing of large batches of documents, the ability to process all relevant file types, the preservation of source format in translated output and, importantly, secure access to Relativity via a connector.

Trustpoint was seeking a software solution to support a large project with documents spanning various countries, continents, and time zones. Up against tight deadlines and with several different languages, they needed something that would allow them to work in their own secure environment and begin processing large volumes of information instantly. For this, they turned to Iconic.



Trustpoint partnered with Iconic to deliver high quality machine translations via Iconic’s Relativity connector, which allows for documents to be translated from any language on-the-fly. On this particular matter, more than 250,000 pages of content were translated over the course of two months, from a range of languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. In concert with their existing workflows, they saved significant time and costs on this time-sensitive review while offering absolute information security in Iconic’s environment.

After the initial machine translation, Trustpoint’s internal translation team provided a more formal human translation for hundreds of the “hot docs”.

Iconic and Trustpoint continue to work together on various matters across the organisation, offering a combination of Trustpoint’s teams of expert linguists and reviewers supported by ongoing updates and improvements to Iconic’s Neural Machine Translation technology and Relativity connector.



Seamless review workflow

Quick submission and translation of 100,000's of documents across multiple languages within Relativity review workflow to allow for lower cost and higher resourced English language review.

Cost / Time savings

Approximately 35% savings compared to recruiting a team of native-speaking reviewers, with immediate turn-around times.

Absolute Information Security

Documents translated according to data confidentiality and retention needs within Iconic’s secure environment.

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Iconic Translation Machines is a leading machine translation software and solutions provider who specialise in custom solutions tailored with subject matter expertise for specific industry sectors including legal, life sciences and financial services.




Iconic’s machine translation technology has been an important part of our document review workflow for some time now. The Relativity connector, combined with our own processes, has helped us to better service our growing client base on multilingual matters. The Iconic support team have been very responsive to the inevitable surprises of such legal matters, and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

Jim Moore

Senior Vice President, Trustpoint.One

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