How Machine Translation integrates into a complex High Court dispute with challenging disclosure deadlines


Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English

Content: 6+ data sources: emails, laptops, document management systems, spreadsheets, and reports. 750,000+ pages translated

Technologies: Neural Machine Translation, Automatic Language Detection, Relativity and Brainspace Advanced Analytics

Integration: Relativity connector; on-premise deployment in an air-gapped ISO certified environment


A global law firm engaged Morae, on its client’s behalf, to support all aspects of a complex, bet-the-company UK High Court litigation. The combination of massive data volumes (approximately 25 million documents to start), fast approaching disclosure deadlines, and foreign language prevalence required a bespoke workflow with best-of-breed technology, applied by experienced project management.

Morae turned to Iconic for a secure Machine Translation (MT) solution which would rapidly produce high-quality English translations.


In the UK, the purpose of disclosure is to ensure that all parties are aware of any and all documents that have a bearing on the matter. Parties to a civil matter must comply with disclosure deadlines and attest to the veracity of the process applied.

This particular matter required a multi-stage workflow to carry out an effective analysis of high data volumes in multiple languages. Morae’s foreign-language first level review team assessed the output from predictive models. In order to facilitate the law firm’s privilege review and case development, all relevant documents needed to be translated into English.

The client had instructed that the entirety of the matter be conducted within Morae’s GDPR compliant, air-gapped, ISO certified Relativity environment. Thus, any technology solution had to be installed, tested, and deployed within Morae’s systems.

Morae assessed the MT market and determined that Iconic was the optimal solution.


Iconic’s Support Team worked hand in hand with Morae’s Database Architects and Engineers to deploy the technology on premise. The Iconic Support Team worked closely with Morae to scale the deployment. Within a week, the teams designed a 20+ agent solution that achieved translation of nearly 8,000 documents per day.

Iconic MT in Morae’s environment translated nearly 800,000 pages from Cyrillic languages into English. The speed and quality of translations saved the client significant costs in this time-sensitive review.

Significantly, Morae and Iconic enabled the global law firm and its client to meet deadlines which the claimant missed.



Powerful On-Premises Deployment

Custom deployment within ISO certified air-gapped on-premise environment.

Cost / Time savings

Substantial cost savings to client, and case-critical deadlines hit through translation automation.

Seamless review workflow

800,000 pages across multiple languages within Relativity. Nearly 8,000 documents/day.


Morae Global Corporation provides end-to-end legal and compliance solutions to law departments, compliance teams and law firms. The eDiscovery and Managed Review business has been involved in the largest and most complicated disclosure in history. Morae’s team of experts is comprised of some of the most seasoned and knowledgeable professionals in the legal industry who are trusted advisors to their clients for cost effective and technology enhanced workflows. For more information about Morae Global’s end-to-end solutions for legal and compliance, visit




Iconic Translation Machines is a leading machine translation software and solutions provider who specialise in custom solutions tailored with subject matter expertise for specific industry sectors including legal, life sciences and financial services.




“Volumes, deadlines, quality requirements, and workflow complexity combined to make this an extremely high-pressure engagement. Iconic thrived in this setting. They demonstrated a client-centric, get-it-done approach. In addition to substantial cost-savings, our collaboration with Iconic enabled us to deliver an invaluable case advantage. Our client was able to meet the deadline; the opponent could not.”

Patrick Kellermann

Senior Director & Head of UK Managed Services, Morae Global

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