The powerful combination of Iconic and XTM Cloud deliver best in class Neural MT to Domo


Language: English to Japanese

Content: End-user documentation

Integration: Iconic connector for XTM Cloud Translation Management System

Machine Translation: Iconic’s bespoke Neural Machine Translation technology adapted for Domo content


Domo delivers a modern Business Intelligence (BI) platform that enables companies to dynamically integrate data from thousands of disparate sources, visualise and analyse that data, and extend business intelligence directly into workflows and applications that empower their users and ecosystem of partners and customers. As a global data-oriented organisation, Domo sought to automate their own internal translation workflows by adopting an advanced localisation, translation management and machine translation solution.



With various complex content types being translated into a growing number of languages by external vendors, Domo sought a Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solution to integrate directly into their translation management system. The goal was to enable the team to localise and deploy material across multiple regions and languages faster and more cost effectively.

The powerful connectivity of XTM Cloud v12.5 gives Domo access to a robust and scalable translation management solution to automate its localisation projects and manage translation jobs. Iconic’s bespoke NMT is integrated directly with XTM to allow for seamless post-editing workflows.

To ensure that Domo’s quality needs for Japanese were met, Iconic applied its battle-tested approach: combining our best-in-class proprietary technology, our expert team of MT scientists, and our long-established methodology, with the needs of the user to develop a high-quality bespoke NMT engine.



Iconic’s initial bespoke engine for Domo produced translations that were 40% more accurate than the leading generic MT. Following our “Feedback Loop” process, additional refinements led to a further 6% increase in quality.

Incorporating Iconic’s NMT into the localisation process has resulted in measurable productivity gains and a substantial cost saving for Domo. They now have plans to further enhance processes by expanding MT to other languages in the future.


A top priority for our team is international adoption but we can’t ignore the bottom line. We are always examining where we can improve efficiencies to maximize ROI, and our NMT initiative is one example of that – the cost savings from NMT will allow us to expand the volume of content we can deliver to our Japanese customers, improving the overall experience since customers will have more content in their language.”

Melissa Baerwald

Director Globalization Product Management at Domo.

“Iconic and XTM Cloud is a powerful combination that empowers Domo with best-in-class neural machine translation solutions for accurate and quality translations within a secure end-to-end translation management ecosystem. This integration offers significant efficiency gains for users seeking increasingly connected translation management systems.”

Dave Ruane

Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International.


XTM International develops XTM, the world’s leading cloud-based translation management solution (TMS) with an integrated computer-aided translation (CAT) tool. It is designed to be scalable, flexible and agile, with industry open standards at its core. Focused on streamlining complex localization processes and supply chains, XTM centralizes TM assets for real-time collaboration, maximizing translation reuse. The system incorporates in-context WYSIWYG reviews, LQA tests, alternative translations for transcreation, a mobile app for project managers and a REST API with off the shelf connectors for most CMSs. XTM’s customers include many of the world’s largest LSPs and leading enterprises in a variety of industries.



Iconic, part of the RWS Group, is a multi-award winning provider of Neural Machine Translation software and solutions. Iconic specialises in the development of bespoke solutions, tailored with subject matter expertise, for a range of specific industry sectors including legal, life sciences, high-tech, and more. Iconic is the MT partner of choice for some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations, law firms, and service providers helping them to translate more content, more accurately and in less time, resulting in significant cost savings and increased revenue. Iconic is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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