High Volume, Quick Turnaround

Case Study

Iconic turns around large multi-file job in mere hours

Business Need

A multinational Language Service Provider had a request from a client to translate a large number of files with millions of words from Japanese to English for the purposes of eDiscovery. The job had a very short deadline and the LSP needed a secure, ready to use solution.

The natural choice was Iconic Translation Machines.

The Solution

The LSP contacted the Iconic team and within a short space of time, things were ready to go thanks to our Instant Access MT. We estimated the cloud-computing power required given the volume of content and timeframe and used sufficient resources to deliver the job on time.


The availablity of our solution meant that the LSP did not have to reject the job from the client. Knowing that they can rely on Iconic for these types of requests means they can actively seek such jobs in the future and grow their revenue streams.

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