Iconic is sole Machine Translation Vendor listed in Andrew Haslam’s Buyer’s Guide to eDisclosure Systems

The eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide – 2021 Edition (Andrew Haslam)

Iconic is sole Machine Translation Vendor listed in Andrew Haslam’s Buyer’s Guide to eDisclosure Systems

Every springtime, those in the eDiscovery space await Andrew Haslam’s updated and ever popular eDisclosure Systems Buyer’s Guide. Compiled in conjunction with ComplexDiscovery, it is a one of a kind, exhaustive resource that offers practical advice on selecting litigation support services and software, while also providing a definitive collection of vendor and software information in the UK. This important resource has even been referred to as ‘a reference bible within the industry’. Iconic is pleased to again be referenced by several of our clients, as well as being the sole listed vendor for machine translation.

Andrew Haslam is no stranger to the industry. He is considered an expert in the field, and every year, quite deliberately creates this comprehensive guide for data discovery and legal discovery professionals as a way to illuminate eDisclosure-related services and products.

Why is it that people value this resource? The annually updated guide provides an overview of key technology considerations, industry approaches and vendor capabilities related to eDisclosure / eDiscovery. This is the ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ of eDisclosure!

Many clients are unsure what to do when they see foreign language ESI for the first time. When presented with tight deadlines and vast amounts of data, machine translation is frequently the best course of action. Being listed in the ‘hot topic’ area of the guide helps bring to light the importance of machine translation.

Ankura, CDS, KPMG, and PWC are just some of Iconic’s client roster, who are listed in the guide; all of them referencing Iconic’s machine translation work. Aside from being the listed vendor for machine translation, this important acknowledgement from our clients speaks volumes. 90% of Iconic’s new business comes from referrals in eDiscovery.

More than just a listing of vendors, the guide provides a complete and credible resource for legal and IT professionals who wish to understand and apply eDisclosure (eDiscovery) concepts, processes, techniques, and tools.

If you come across foreign language data in the course of your eDisclosure (eDiscovery) work, we’d be happy to discuss our translation solutions with you. We help clients to translate vast amounts of information quickly, securely and seamlessly within their workflows. Our machine translation solutions are available through our web application, third-party connectors such as Relativity, or on-premise.

You can get in touch with us and our team will be happy to speak with you. We look forward to hearing from you!