Iconic & XTM Joint Webinar – Staying Ahead of the Digital Transformation Curve

XTM Iconic Webinar

Iconic & XTM Joint Webinar – Staying Ahead of the Digital Transformation Curve

Title: Staying Ahead of the Digital Transformation Curve –¬†Leveraging AI, data and automation to transform global translation workflows

Date: Thursday, 8 April

Time: 11 AM EDT, 3 PM BST, 4 PM (CET),

Duration: 40 Minutes

Presenters: Diane O’Reilly, Senior Director of Enterprise Business – Iconic Translation Machines, Part of RWS Group; Dave Ruane, Digital Content & Partnership Manager – XTM International

The convergence of AI and automation is driving global enterprises to transform their translation workflows and reimagine how they engage with multilingual content. Enterprises at all stages of their digital transformation seek to innovate, enhance user experience, drive growth, and generate process efficiencies at scale. In this webinar, experts from XTM International and Iconic will discuss global translation workflow transformation challenges and trends, and the role that Translation Management Systems and Neural Machine Translation play in a fast-evolving digital workplace.

Please join us if you are: 

  • Involved in digital transformation initiatives impacting global content strategies (IT, Innovation)
  • Involved in a global Translation Center of Excellence initiative (Localisation, globalisation, product)
  • You are responsible for overall consistency in content voice at scale (Communications and Marketing)
  • Building large scale multilingual content infrastructures for your organisation (Localisation and IT)


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