Meet Róisín Moran, Iconic’s newest Machine Translation Research Assistant!

Róisín Moran

Meet Róisín Moran, Iconic’s newest Machine Translation Research Assistant!

Iconic plays a major role in the PRINCIPLE project; building bespoke neural machine translation engines for low resourced languages (languages with very little parallel data). Our team of MT scientists are being assisted on this project with researchers who have backgrounds in translation and language study. Having diverse perspectives on the team provides a breadth of knowledge which we feel is truly beneficial. We are happy to welcome our latest team member with a background in translation, Róisín Moran. 

We recently chatted with Róisín to learn more about her and her new role at Iconic.

Hi Róisín, welcome to Iconic! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from?

Hello! I was born and raised here in Dublin, Ireland. I have been speaking Irish from a young age, and completed all of my education through Irish until I went to university. I suppose this is where my interest in languages started! I went on to do an undergraduate degree in French and Modern Irish in Trinity College Dublin, followed by a Masters in Translation Studies in DCU, which I just completed earlier this year.

Describe your role as Machine Translation Research Assistant at Iconic:

I will be working primarily on the PRINCIPLE project, which is an EU funded project aimed at providing language data to improve translation quality in the areas of eJustice and eProcurement via domain-specific Neural Machine Translation. Iconic’s role is to build bespoke neural machine translation engines for a select number of low resource European languages (Croatian, Icelandic, Irish, and Norwegian) through the data contributions of language resource providers. My focus will particularly be on Irish, and assisting in the development and deployment of machine translation engines.

Your background of a master’s degree in Translation Studies will give you a unique perspective. Can you describe how that will benefit the team?

My background in Translation Studies will provide a perspective on the key aspects of a good human translation, and that can be worked with to improve upon engines. But I am also sure that I will really improve my own understanding of the technologies that are being developed to advance this field, and I am really looking forward to learning from and working with the rest of the team!

What attracted you to Iconic?

Iconic seems to me like one of the most interesting places to be at the moment, particularly with how much the machine translation field is shifting and developing. Iconic places a strong focus on research and testing out new ideas, which means that the team is highly adaptive and open to new challenges, which is an exciting environment to be working in!

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love reading, visiting new places, and keeping active, and I am particularly passionate about ballet. I have been dancing since I was three years old and I have also been a teaching assistant in my ballet school for nearly ten years now. Aside from that, I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, and am a keen baker. I promise to bring a cake or two into the office once some sort of normality resumes!

Welcome to the team, Róisín!