World Drug Safety Congress Americas – Virtual – 1-2 September 2020


World Drug Safety Congress Americas – Virtual – 1-2 September 2020

  • Date: 1-2 September 2020
  • Location: Virtual
  • Title: World Drug Safety Congress Americas

The World Drug Safety Congress Americas will be a virtual event this year, taking place September 1 – 2. This premier conference is the most senior-level, industry-focused event for the pharmacovigilance (PV) community, globally, bringing together key players from the drug safety community to address drug safety challenges. With over 30 countries represented and more than 600 attendees, this event will feature approaches in automation, international PV operations expansion, and foreign regulatory frameworks impacting drug and device safety globally. Iconic is pleased to announce that our Senior Director of Enterprise Business, Diane O’Reilly, will be attending this strategic pharmacovigilance conference.

This year’s event will have a new focus panel discussion on Medical Devices which will showcase the opportunities in medical device pharmacovigilance and how it has been impacted by emerging data and artificial intelligence technologies. This ties in with Iconic’s work. Iconic’s bespoke Neural Machine Translation solution for pharmacovigilance incorporates the use of AI, machine learning and machine translation. By working with us, our clients have learned that these technologies facilitate automation playing a crucial role in saving substantial amounts of time, helping to keep strict reporting deadlines, and ultimately keeping patients safe.

Dealing with adverse event reports quickly and effectively is crucial to ensuring patient safety. This highly manual, resource-intensive process, known as case intake, can cross multiple sites around the world, creating many challenges.

Iconic’s Machine Translation solution for pharmacovigilance integrates directly into the case intake workflow, to more effectively process multilingual information, thereby allowing for the rapid processing of large volumes of foreign language adverse event reports. Iconic’s automation solution is not just for translation; whether we are using file handlers and OCR to get text into machine-readable format, entity detection and classification of issues, automatic filtering of duplicate entries, or generation of the case in structured format – there are many processes that can be accelerated with automation. Iconic’s custom built solution dramatically reduces the time it takes to report on adverse events. Plain and simple.

Do you come across foreign language data and would like more information on how Iconic’s bespoke solutions can benefit your organisation? Click here to get in touch.

We look forward to attending the World Drug Safety Congress Americas and speaking with our partners and colleagues!