Multilingual e-Discovery. 5 Elements of Best Practice Webcast – 4 December 2019

Multilingual e-Discovery. 5 Elements of Best Practice Webcast

Multilingual e-Discovery. 5 Elements of Best Practice Webcast – 4 December 2019

  • Date: Wednesday 4 December 2019
  • Time: 4pm – 4:30pm GMT
  • Title: Multilingual e-Discovery – 5 Elements of Best Practice

E-Discovery Day, now in its fifth year, is one of the largest gatherings in the U.S. of legal professionals celebrating the important role that e-discovery plays in the Legal Governance, Risk management, and Compliance space (GRC). The one day event is an opportunity for attorneys, litigators, e-discovery specialists, paralegals and in-house counsel to all come together to attend educational events, while also networking. There are more offerings this year than ever before, with in-person events and webcasts on the line-up for the nearly 3,000 participants expected.

The selection of Webcasts have been grouped into 3 categories: Current events, Best practices & Technology. So whether you are signing up for a webcast(s), or attending one of the in-person events on offer, namely the Ted Talks, Round Table Discussions, or Seminars, the day is all about learning best practices and staying ahead of what’s new in e-discovery. Of course, networking plays an important role here, too, with several socials and happy hours to choose from!

Iconic Translation Machines is happy to support E-Discovery Day, and is hosting the webcast “Multilingual e-Discovery – 5 Elements of Best Practice” presented by Stephen Davis, Sales Director at Iconic. We’ve gained some valuable experience in this area, and would like to offer these 5 considerations to ensure success when the need for translation in e-discovery arises. 

  1. Data Security 
  2. Translation that is fast and scalable
  3. Proprietary software (out of the box isn’t good enough)
  4. Team effort – what happens when things don’t go to plan – files are poor quality, unforeseen problems – You’ll need a team that is responsive to your needs.
  5. Seamless translation within your own platform / workflow

Come and join us on this day to celebrate all things e-discovery!

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