The Essential Guide to Neural Machine Translation | Video Series

Iconic Translation Machines Video Series

The Essential Guide to Neural Machine Translation | Video Series

Iconic is excited to announce the launch of our new video series entitled ‘The Essential Guide to Neural Machine Translation‘. In this series, we will cover everything you need to know about Neural Machine Translation and how it’s used. Starting with the basics, our CEO, Dr. John Tinsley will give an introduction to Neural MT and explain how it actually works (but without getting too technical!).

The Essential Guide to Neural MT Video Series is also available as a Podcast and will go on to cover several topics, including how organisations across a range of industries are making use of this state-of-the-art technology. Neural MT is playing a critical role in digital transformation and the challenge of language in areas such as life sciences, automotive, legal, and finance. During the course of the 8 week series, members of our team will explore how Neural MT is changing the landscape of translation capabilities in different sectors.

We will talk about role of Neural MT in Life Sciences and pharma, e-discovery, litigation and digital forensics, patents and intellectual property, finance and regulatory compliance, and much more.

The 8 week video series is free with just a simple registration. The videos will be posted weekly for the duration of the series. We’ve created these videos with you in mind, so they are short, educational, and not overly technical.

The Essential Guide to Neural MT

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