ILTACON 2019 Impressions from Iconic’s Sales Director


ILTACON 2019 Impressions from Iconic’s Sales Director

The International Legal Technology Association’s ILTACON is one of the most popular legal technology events around, with more than 1,800 attendees. It brings people together not only for educational sessions but also networking and staying abreast of what is current in the legal sector. We caught up with Iconic’s Sales Director, Stephen Davis, who attended this year’s event, to get his feedback.

How was your experience at ILTACON 2019?

It was fascinating to attend this year’s ILTACON conference in Orlando, Florida. Apart from the marvelous setting of Disney’s Swan and Dolphin resorts, the lure of meeting old friends and making new ones has great appeal. I make the ‘friends’ reference deliberately as with all things ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) it’s about forging relationships and sharing knowledge and experience. To just attend and try and ‘sell’ is to miss the point of attending such an event, and is slightly counterproductive, in my opinion.

What were some of the highlights for you?

I attended many of the educational sessions and the highlight for me was the whole day of Litigation Support content. There were some outstanding contributors, and David Horrigan of Relativity is an excellent master of ceremonies. There were insightful discussions on the many blends of how people, process and technology intersect in our market.

I was happy to meet and chat to two of my favourite bloggers, namely; Doug Austin at CloudNine and the ever brilliant Rob Robinson at ComplexDiscovery. You should follow these two!

ILTACON is a pretty big conference, which can sometimes make it hard to see everything and everyone you want. How did you cope?

The conference and the exhibit hall ran side by side in the Swan and Dolphin hotels and it was easy to flit between the two. There were many ‘old’ faces from London and NYC in attendance and many an opportunity to put a face to a name, as much of what we do is by conference calls nowadays. I was also able to meet with the team from Relativity, who is one of our main partners. Like I said, it is just nice to be able to meet face to face with folks. I must have spoken to most of the exhibitors in the four days and all seemed quite positive about the whole event.

What were some of the key themes at this year’s event?

One key theme was the rise of the platform approach where vendors build out a one stop shop with an ecosystem (or just buy/merge with other firms). Another key theme: security, security and more security! Security was a key theme of every conversation, as was GDPR (followed by grimacing). It’s all about the data, and it’s growing exponentially thanks in part to mobile data.

Interestingly enough, despite much consolidation in the LegalTech space, there is still a huge amount of innovation being done by smaller tech companies.

A key finding for me was that around 30% of all matters that folks at ILTACON were dealing with had some form of foreign language ESI in it and it’s increasing year on year for the larger firms… Now where can they get all of that foreign language ESI translated quickly, securely and effectively?

Now that ILTACON in Orlando is over, it is time to look towards ILTACON Europe taking place in London. What are your plans?

Somewhere along the line at ILTACON I was volunteered to help with European version, taking place 13 – 14 November of this year (never drink with law firm IT Directors!).  I am certainly looking forward to it, though. The Iconic team will be there in force!