CodeX Meeting – February 28

CodeX Meeting – February 28

CodeX Meeting SLS


Iconic’s CEO, Dr. John Tinsley, has been invited to speak at CodeX about Iconic’s proprietary neural machine translation (MT) software solution for e-discovery.

CodeX is a partnership between the Stanford Law School and the Department of Computer Science, which explores how information technology can enhance legal processes. Specifically, it brings together researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists to work side-by-side in order to advance the frontier of legal technology. The aim is to bring new levels of legal efficiency, transparency, and access to legal systems around the world.

According to Stanford’s website “CodeX‘s emphasis is on the research and development of computational law — the branch of legal informatics concerned with the automation and mechanization of legal analysis.”

Given that Iconic’s translation solutions for e-discovery have been seamlessly integrated and leveraged extensively in the legal industry, this is a perfect platform for John to discuss how Neural Machine Translation (MT) is transforming how foreign language’ electronically stored information'(ESI) is handled today.

Iconic’s e-discovery solution, using proprietary Neural MT software, can help e-discovery providers, law firms, and corporate legal departments to translate large quantities of foreign language ESI, quickly, securely, and effectively.

  • Date: 28Th February 2019
  • Time: 13:30 PST
  • Registration: Sign up here for the login details.

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