TAUS Annual Conference – Vancouver – Oct 10 – 11

TAUS Annual Conference – Vancouver – Oct 10 – 11

the TAUS Annual Conference will take place in Vancouver, Canada, October 10 - 11

the TAUS Annual Conference will take place in Vancouver, Canada, October 10 – 11

A conference which Iconic always looks forward to attending in the autumn is the TAUS Annual Conference which will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, October 10th – 11th. Iconic is an active member of TAUS, and our CEO, John Tinsley, will be speaking again at this worthwhile event. The TAUS Annual Conference is where industry insiders and newcomers come together to meet and get the pulse of the translation industry while discussing strategies and opportunities for collaboration. Participants come together to understand the issues, and where possible, to work on solutions.

The open and interactive atmosphere of this event is facilitated with a cabaret style (round tables) set-up of the conference room. The conference is an intimate affair, with the audience capped at 120, and where the format of panel discussions or ‘conversations’ allows for substantial interaction with the audience.

“The Story of the Translation Industry in 2022” theme will provide the backdrop, while the conference will focus on “Global Intelligent Content Delivery in the Age of AI”, kicking off with a fast-paced overture of industry experts pitching their ideas about what is driving the content that makes the world go round. Experts such as Paula Shannon, former CSO at Lionbridge, Rajesh A. Rao, a partner at IBM, Thomas Labarthe, CRO at SDL, and Renato Beninatto, CEO of Nimdzi, will all weigh in with their views.

The program over the two days includes a number of themed conversations, including: the Quantum Leap – Democratization of Algorithms, Follow the Data, Modern Translation Pipeline, Intelligent Content, Not Business as Usual, Going Vocal, Geolinguistic Shifts, Reading the Charts, Balancing Technology and People, Quality in the Gig Economy, User Experience, and Training and the Translator’s Future. The specifics of the two-day program can be found here.

John will be speaking on the second day, in “The Game-Changer Innovation Contest – Part 3” session,  and his talk is entitled “Resolving Global Litigation with Neural MT”.   Here’s what John will be discussing in this session:

Language is not an excuse when it comes to the law. In e-discovery, lawyers need to understand the data regardless of the language, but it’s complicated. They’re often sitting on terabytes of data in different formats and languages, and all they know is they need it in a language they understand, in their searchable database, and they need it yesterday. Iconic’s integrated Neural MT solution for e-discovery has been adapted to the vagaries of global litigation and processes vast amounts of data, on-the-fly, at scale, and securely. Let us show you how.

If you are attending the TAUS Conference or are ‘in the area’ we’d love to meet up!  You can contact us here to arrange a catch up in Vancouver.  We look forward to seeing you there!

(In case you missed it, you can click here to read our summary of the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum which took place in June.)

About TAUS

TAUS is a resource center for the global language and translation industries. Our mission is to enable better translation through innovation and automation. We support all translation operators – translation buyers, language service providers, individual translators and government agencies – with a comprehensive suite of online services, software and knowledge that help them to grow and innovate their business. We extend the reach and growth of the translation industry through our execution with sharing translation data and quality evaluation metrics.

About Iconic Translation Machines

Iconic Translation Machines is a leading machine translation software and solutions provider who specialise in custom solutions tailored with subject matter expertise for specific industry sectors including eDiscovery, legal, life sciences, and financial services. Iconic is the MT partner of choice for some of the world’s largest translation companies, information providers, and government and enterprise organisations, helping them to translate more content, more accurately and in less time, resulting in significant cost savings and increased revenue. Iconic is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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