Our Ensemble Architecture™ is language-independent and can be adapted for new languages as required. However, we have taken the step of pre-training fine tuned Machine Translation systems across a number of key strategic languages available immediately via our Instant Access MT platform.

“IPTranslator supports the languages most important to IP Professionals”

We surveyed 100′s of professionals across the industries we support to determine which languages were most in-demand and we are pleased to offer coverage across 18 strategic language pairs reflecting the massive demand for translation in these regions, including:

English <> French French <> English
English <> Spanish Spanish <> English
English <> German German <> English
English <> Portuguese Portuguese <> English
English <> Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese <> English
English <> Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese <> English
English <> Japanese Japanese <> English
English <> Korean Korean <> English
English <> Russian* Russian <> English*

*We plan to launch our English-Russian systems in Q2 of 2015. Our product roadmap also includes focus on additional languages such as Arabic, Italian, Turkish, and Thai, amongst others.

Expanding and Improving Language Coverage

For languages that we do not have an existing Instant Access MT solution, we are always happy to discuss the possibility for development of new translation machines. If this is something that you are interested in please don’t hesistate to get in touch.


At Iconic, our world-class team is constantly striving to improve the translation quality of our Machine Translation systems by refining our Linguistic Engineering™ processes and adding the most up to date, relevant data to our systems.

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