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Issue #1 – Scaling Neural MT

Author: Dr. Rohit Gupta, Sr. Machine Translation Scientist @ Iconic Training a neural machine translation engines is a time consuming task. It typically takes a number of days or weeks, even when running powerful GPUs. Reducing this time is a priority of any neural MT developer. In this post we explore a recent work (Ott […]


Introducing “The Neural MT Weekly”!

The field of Machine Translation is moving at as fast a pace as we’ve ever seen. Month on month, there is an increase in the number of research papers being published, with the majority obviously focusing on Neural MT. As a company at the forefront of this technology, it’s critcally important that we at Iconic […]

the TAUS Annual Conference will take place in Vancouver, Canada,  October 10 - 11

TAUS Annual Conference – Vancouver – Oct 10 – 11

Stay tuned … Details to follow!


LocWorld38 – Seattle – Oct 17 – 19

Stay tuned … Details to follow!


Translating Europe – Brussels – Nov 8 – 9

Stay tuned … Details to follow!


ILTACON – Washington D.C. – Aug 19 – 23

An upcoming event which Iconic is looking forward to attending is ILTACON, taking place August 19th – 23rd on the outskirts of  Washington D.C. at the National Harbor, Maryland.  The International Legal Technology Association’s ILTACON is known as one of the premier educational and networking events for the legal sector. The four day conference draws […]

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