Case Study

WeLocalize Inc. chooses Iconic as provider of machine translation for legal business


Business Need

In late 2012, WeLocalize set about sourcing a Machine Translation solution for their legal and intellectual property business. They needed a solution that not only provided them high quality translations to allow them to get to market faster, but also one that integrated seamlessly across all of their technology platforms.

Iconic Translation Machines were the natural choice.

The Solution

WeLocalize worked with our team to rapidly connect their Globalsight Translation Management System to the Iconic API™ to retrieve high-quality translations from IPTranslator on-demand. This allows project managers to create translation projects across multiple CAT tools that include domain-adapted MT options as standard.


Speaking about their collaboration with Iconic, Principal Translation Automation Engineer at WeLocalize, David Clarke says, “Productivity testing is carried out early in our engine selection process. IPTranslator delivered measurable productivity gains from the outset. Throughout systems integration and an aggressive production roll-out, the Iconic team’s technical expertise, proactive support and fast adaptations were provided with no production schedule impact. More importantly, once the production workflow was established and measured again, the essential quality, productivity increase and “part of the team” service firmly remained. Rarely have we seen the complexities and unforeseen but inevitable surprises of MT integration in large scale production processes handled as competently and efficiently.”

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