2017 is off to a fast start at Iconic and we’re looking to add some new talent to our young, multi-national, multi-lingual team! We have number of exciting openings across our technical and operations teams. If you are interested in joining a young team at the forefront of developing cutting-edge translation technology that is helping companies across the world to communicate, check out the open positions below.

» MT Scientist / Computational Linguist - (filled)
» Sales and Marketing Associate (filled)
» Software Developer (Java) (filled)
» Technical Project Manager (filled)
» Quality Control Analyst (filled)

Click on the job title above for more information and, if you’re interested in either of these roles, contact with the job title in the subject line, and include your CV and a note as to why you’d like to work with us. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Aside from these positions, we’re always interested to hear from people who are enthusiastic about language technology so if you think you’d be a good fit in Iconic, drop us a mail.

Current Openings

Updated: February 2017 – We’re looking for a machine translation expert to join our growing language technology team and work on cutting-edge machine translation and natural language solutions. Over the course of the last number of years, we’ve built a state-of-the-art platform for developing MT engines across a variety of complex language pairs and domains. With a growing client base and an ambitious product roadmap for this year and beyond, it’s now time to bring things to the next level (Neural MT anyone?)

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is interested in the practical application of machine translation and language technology to solve real-world challenges. It’s ideal for someone who has a strong grounding in NLP but is willing to learn and try new things in a young, energetic, start-up environment based in beautiful Dublin, Ireland.

The best aspect of this role is that it’s never dull! You will never be stuck working on the same task constantly because we are always working with new clients on new data, interesting languages, and wide-ranging domains. It is a fantastic opportunity to both refine and broaden your skillset to try out new techniques, and implement established processes that will be used by our clients to translate hundreds of millions of words each year.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Stay up to date with latest advances in NLP research related to machine translation
    • Neural MT / deep learning
    • Online learning / incremental retraining
    • Quality estimation and evaluation
  • Develop processes and techniques to improve our existing translation architecture including:
    • Language specific techniques e.g. morphological analysis, syntax-based approaches
    • Data selection, domain adaptation, and deep learning
    • Language identification, multilingual optical character recognition, and more
  • Explore best practices when developing translation solutions and engines for new language pairs, domains, and content types
  • Work with the software engineering team to turn research techniques into practical commercial solutions
  • Work on broader considerations of practical machine translation use, e.g. file processing, tag handling, data cleaning, and translation efficiency
  • Lead the implementation of end-to-end projects for new clients
Technical Skills and Experience
  • MSc or PhD in Computational Linguistics or similar discipline, and/or relevant commercial experience in the area
  • Strong knowledge of core Natural Language Processing approaches, particularly as relates to Machine Translation, e.g. data-driven approaches, statistical modelling, etc.
  • Hands-on experience working and developing with open source tools such as Moses, Giza++, and other common NLP packages
  • You will be coding. Strong object-oriented programming skills are a must (Java would be a bonus)
  • Hands-on experience working and developing with open source tools such as Moses, Giza++, and other common NLP packages
  • A passion for language technology!

The following skills are not strictly necessary for the role but would be a plus:

  • NLP experience with a language other than English (particularly Asian languages)
  • Familiarity with latest trends in deep learning, artificial intelligence
  • Experience with technologies such as Amazon Web Services (e.g. EC2), relational databases (e.g. MySQL)
  • Familiarity with tools and processes in a translation workflow such as, CAT tools, post-editing, and translation evaluation

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This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-growing high tech start up company in Dublin that is expanding rapidly into global markets. With key clients spanning Europe, Asia and America, we are an automated translation software and solutions provider who specialise in custom solutions for sectors including legal, life sciences and financial services. We are looking for an innovative self-starter marketer who seeks to grow and develop with our dynamic multi-cultural company as it expands.

This is a unique opportunity for an up and coming sales and marketing professional as you will be able to contribute to and gain new experience across multiple functions, including digital marketing, marketing communications, and business development and sales support. The successful candidate will be motivated, driven and enthusiastic about taking on new projects from scratch. This role reports to the Head of Business Development.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Marketing communications. Develop strategic content and create marketing campaigns, brochures, sales presentations, case studies, mail shots, press releases, and webinars. Maintain brand guidelines and organise materials for events, exhibitions, and conferences.
  • Digital marketing. Plan and execute PPC and SEO campaigns to grow traffic and generate sales leads. Maintain and update online assets, including websites, blogs, and social media accounts.
  • Business development and sales support. Ensure smooth execution of all sales initiatives. Work to identify appropriate target customer lists. Log and maintain all contacts into CRM system. Follow up on leads as required. May include some client-facing engagement and overseas travel over time as the role matures.
  • Administration support. Support administration tasks for all sales and marketing activities, including event registrations, logistics bookings, marketing collateral preparation, etc.
Required Skills and Experience
  • Degree-level education in business, sales, or marketing studies.
  • 3 – 8 years of practical experience in a sales and marketing environment.
  • Strong English writing skills – native or bilingual proficiency (ILR Level 5).
  • Creative with a real aptitude for content creation, and innovative ideas.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Experience in liaising with external clients and stakeholders.
  • Well organised, analytical and capable of planning out and executing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong ability to multi-task across many different tasks simultaneously and to meet deadlines.
  • Flexible in switching focus of projects to adapt to changes in business direction with a growing and evolving company.
  • Strong team player, capable of working in a small team.
  • Commitment to quality, accuracy and consistency.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and, PowerPoint.

The following skills are not strictly necessary for the role but would be a plus (you’ll end up learning all about them anyway!):

  • A strong collection of writing, content campaigns, or other creative projects from previous employment.
  • Knowledge of the translation and localisation industry.
  • Good understanding of the sales cycle including lead nurturing.
  • Working knowledge of SEO.
  • Practical experience in Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
  • Experience with WordPress, Mailchimp, and Pipedrive CRM.
  • Knowledge of HTML.

The successful candidate must be eligible to work in the EU. Please include a copy of your CV with your application and note telling us why you want to work with Iconic!

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We’re looking for a talented developer to work on our state-of-the-art Ensemble Architecture™ and help develop the framework through which our Machine Translation solutions are delivered to the end user.

The most exciting aspect of this role is that you will be working with the latest advances from leading research to develop and ship cutting-edge technology! We are looking for a software developer who will be responsible for the maintenance of our existing web services and architecture, and who will work closely with our Language Technology Team to develop, test, and deploy new features. The ideal candidate for this role will be motivated, driven, and enthusiastic about developing real-word applications that are used to translate hundreds of millions of words across dozens of languages each year.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Maintain and improve existing services such as our translation API, web translation application, and plugins
  • Work closely with our Language Technology Team on the deployment of Machine Translation engines and the upkeep of our cloud-based services
  • Work on our product roadmap to develop new features and applications to improve the delivery, accessibility, and efficiency of our solutions
  • Become a key member of our customer success initiative to react quickly to technical issues with our clients
Technical Skills and Experience
  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • Significant experience working with Java, including practical understanding of advanced Java features such as reflection, collection, threads, and string manipulation
  • Excellent knowledge of the Spring Framework, especially MVC
  • Good knowledge of client-server architectures, web services (REST), and data exchange formats (JSON/XML)
  • Good knowledge of front-end web technologies (JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Experience with tools such as Maven, Git, and Amazon Web Services
  • Familiarity with Linux/Unix and comfortable working on the command line

The following skills are not strictly necessary for the role but would be a plus (you’ll end up learning all about them anyway!):

  • Any experience with language technology (machine translation, speech recognition) would be a plus
  • Understanding of multithreading/concurrent applications
  • Familiarity with tools/applications like Tomcat, Akka, Hibernate/MyIbatis
  • Knowledge of relational databases (e.g. MySQL)
  • Systems administration experience
  • Experience with text processing and manipulation
  • Knowledge of a second language would be a bonus (especially German, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean)
  • A passion for learning and exploring new applications of technology

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Do you want to become a crucial member of our operations and help manage some of our largest projects? We are looking for an excellent project manager with technical experience to ensure successful delivery of multiple, concurrent projects with key clients on schedule, on budget, and above and beyond quality expectations.

One of the best aspects of this role is that faces both inwards and outwards. The successful candidate will obviously work closely with our technical team to make sure project deliverables are up to scratch. However, the technical project manager will also be a key customer-facing role, accounting for the end-to-end delivery and implementation of solutions to our clients.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Work closely with the customer and/or product owners to understand project requirements and priorities.
  • Work closely with our Language Technology and Software Engineering teams to ensure that our development efforts are aligned with the customer needs.
  • Drive the execution of project planning, monitor performance of all aspects of the project in conjunction with the Quality Control team, and resolve issues or escalate as required.
  • Co-ordinate and communicate with the project team and all of the stakeholders on project progression and status.
  • Contribute to Iconic’s reputation for delivering top class products and services that our customers have come to expect!
Skills and Experience
  • Strong track record of experience managing technical projects across various lifecycle stages, from conception to delivery.
  • Familiarity and experience applying PMBOK standards would be welcomed.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for interfacing with both internal teams and external clients.
    - including previous experience in customer facing roles.

  • Software development / engineering experience is desirable.
  • Familiarity with language technology such as machine translation, and experience in localization, would be a plus.
  • Full professional proficiency in English is a must.

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This is an exciting opportunity to join our growing team and make a vital contribution to some of our largest projects. We are looking for a quality control analyst with an IT and/or language background to ensure our projects are delivered to the highest standards possible, as our clients have come to expect.

This is an entry-level position reporting to the technical project manager designed to give a recent graduate a foot on the ladder towards a career in QA/testing. It’s a great opportunity to grow with the company, and the successful candidate will work closely with our technical team to ensure that all deliverables returned to our clients meet the strict quality criteria established for specific projects. They will also be strongly involved in helping to refine and improving internal project workflows and processes.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Work closely with the project management team to understand project requirements, processes, and quality standards.
  • Assist in the ongoing development of test plans and test cases, including the use of tools to automate the quality control process.
  • Hands on work with project deliverables to identify issues/anomalies, investigate their cause, and document and track issues.
  • Contribute to the QA process and recommend improvements or corrections to the software development and language technology teams.
  • Expected to undertake other duties form time to time.
Skills and Experience
  • IT qualification or relevant working experience.
  • Strong analytical skills and a very strong attention to detail.
  • Experience handling multiple and varied file formats incl. MS Office, XML, PDF.
  • Hands on approach with a “can do” attitude and a commitment to learn and develop professionally.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and excellent communication skills.
  • Professional proficiency in English.
  • Familiarity with German, while not necessary, would be a plus.

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Again, if you’re interested in either of these roles or have something else you could offer our team, contact with your CV and a note as to why you’d like to work with us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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