E-discovery Webinar – November 16th

E-discovery Webinar – November 16th

Iconic Translation Machines Webinar

Did you know that 80% of all litigation will be multilingual by 2020? Using real-world case studies, this webinar will explore how firms typically handle cases with foreign language data, from native reviewers, to certified translation, to the increasing role that machine translation technology plays in the process. Recent advances in this area, particularly the advent of AI-powered translation, or Neural Machine Translation, have made machine translation technology more viable than ever before to the point that it’s becoming an integral tool in the arsenal of the e-discovery professional.

In this webinar, we’ll touch on a number of key topics related to the above, including:

  • what options are available to firms when dealing with multilingual data
  • the respective pros and cons of the various options
  • what exactly is machine translation and how does it work?
  • where translation technology fits into the review workflow
  • how you can get started with it

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