The importance of data security in translation

The importance of data security in translation

Aside from questions about quality, customisation, and customer support, there is one other key reason why businesses around the world prefer enterprise machine translation solutions as opposed to — on the face of it — cheaper online solutions: data security.

This was brought into sharp focus again recently when the Norwegian news agency NRK reported on the leaking of extremely senstive information through an online translation tool with potentially serious commercial implications.

While such tools are extremely convenient, and suitable for a variety of incidental translation tasks, they typically cannot make any guarantees around data retention and the privacy of information. This was highlighted in a followup article on language industry news outlet Slator who noted on closer inspection of terms and conditions of usage that “all information submitted [to the machine translation service] might potentially be publicly accessible.”

Without a clear and transparent data retention policy, machine translation solutions will not be suitable for use in an enterprise environment.

This is a topic we are keenly aware of at Iconic Translation Machines given the work we do in the field of e-discovery and legal translation where data management is key and we are often required not only to maintain the highest standards of data retention, but often within specific jurisdictions, or behind company firewalls.

To read more about our data policies and machine translation services for critical information, check out our e-discovery page.

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