Meet Rana Das, Iconic’s new Technical Lead

Meet Rana Das, Iconic’s new Technical Lead

It’s been a busy summer here at Iconic as we have welcomed more team members to our Dublin office. We sat down with new Technical Lead Rana Das to find out all about his life before Iconic, what advice he would have for those just arriving in Ireland, and his hopes for the future of our industry.

"Rana (left), is welcomed by other members of the Iconic team; Riccardo, Gabriele, also a new arrival, and Rohit."

“Rana (left), is welcomed by other members of the Iconic team; Riccardo, Gabriele, also a new arrival, and Rohit.”

Hi Rana, welcome to Iconic! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks! It’s great to be joining the Iconic team! I am originally from Calcutta in India but I moved to Ireland 17 years ago. When I landed in Ireland my first job was in Cork where I worked for a start-up. It was in this role that I really got my first taste of the energy and excitement that exists in the environment of young, tech-savvy companies. In my spare time I love learning about new developments in technology and attending meet-ups.

Can you tell us a bit about your new role at Iconic?

Here at Iconic I work in the role of Technical Lead. This involves leading the design and development of a scalable architecture to support our fast-growing customer base. As Technical Lead I am part of a team that implements the best practices and processes in the software industry.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working in software development means there are always new things to learn and new developments to take note of. We live in an environment where technology is constantly evolving and changing the world around us. I love the challenges that working in this industry brings and the intrigue of problem solving on a daily basis. It ensures that no two days at the office are ever the same!

Are you looking forward to working in the world of Machine Translation?

I am really excited to be taking my first steps into the world of Machine Translation (MT).  Before joining the team at Iconic my only exposure to MT was in small, everyday occurrences such as the translation of comments and posts across social media. I am looking forward to stepping behind the curtain and seeing how MT works from the inside.

What excited you about working with Iconic?

Iconic works with technology that is still evolving which I find truly exciting. With MT it feels like we are able to make a real difference in many people’s lives and the possibilities are endless, particularly with the advent of Neural MT which the team here have been telling me about already!  The opportunity to work on such a talented, multicultural team also interested me when joining Iconic. To become part of such a varied team, with a wide range of skills, has created an exciting place to come to work every day.

What are your hopes for our industry?

These days we live in such a globalised world. I believe MT has an incredible potential to change many lives. I hope that with further development we will see MT become truly mainstream and eliminate the restriction of language barriers creating a more inclusive world.

You are originally from India but have lived and worked in Ireland for some time, what advice would you give your fellow colleagues who have just arrived in Ireland?

For anyone who has just arrived in Ireland I would tell them to throw their guide book away! The best way to enjoy Ireland is to totally immerse yourself in the uniqueness of this country. Ireland is such a friendly place so don’t be afraid to talk to a stranger- you will enjoy some fascinating conversations! For anyone moving to Dublin I would encourage them to get out and enjoy some of the great live music around the city.

And finally, what is on your bucket list?

I am a big fan of road trips so I would love to spend some weeks on Route 66. I would also like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and finally, maybe someday finish reading Finnegans Wake!


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