Slatorcon – London – May 9

Slatorcon – London – May 9

London is the destination for the very first Slatorcon 2017, taking place at the Ace Hotel on May 9th. The conference looks set to explore some of the key drivers of the language services and technology industry, including M&A, venture capital, neural MT, and other translation productivity technologies. The event will also welcome some of the foremost experts in these areas, who will share their views on how these drivers are shaping the industry.

As one of only six invited experts among them, Iconic CEO John Tinsley will present on neural machine translation (NMT). His talk on “The New Frontier for Machine Translation: The Neural Frontier” will address much of the recent media hype, how NMT differs from existing SMT technology, how good it actually is, and what the future holds.  Detailing the challenges and opportunities NMT presents, the talk will also delve into some collaborative research results with the ADAPT Centre and our own experience in integrating NMT into our proprietary Ensemble Architecture.

SlatorCon features six presentations followed by an expert panel moderated by Slator co-founder Florian Faes. After the event, participants are invited to connect with their peers during a networking reception. The event is being hosted by online platform Slator, best known for providing expert insights into the translation and technology markets.

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