Demystifying Neural MT at Gala Amsterdam

Demystifying Neural MT at Gala Amsterdam

With less than three weeks to go, we’re excited to touch down in Amsterdam for the annual GALA Language of Business conference on the 26th of March. GALA is a consistent event on our calendar at Iconic as we never miss the opportunity to see familiar faces and meet new ones. We also never miss a chance to learn about the latest technological advances in the localization industry. This year is no exception with an exciting lineup of speakers including our own CEO John Tinsley who will share key insights on The New Frontier for Machine Translation: The Neural Frontier.

Iconic Translation Machines CEO John Tinsley presenting at GALA 2016

John presenting at GALA last year

Neural continues to dominate the Machine Translation (MT) conversation with each week bringing new proclamations from internet giants, research bodies, language service providers, and industry experts. The phrases “near human quality” or “human translated equivalent” are cropping up in media articles as neural is being hailed as the answer to all MT quality challenges. In reality, it’s not quite as simple as that. While neural machine translation (NMT) has recently established itself as the new state of the art, the most salient difference between translations of phrase-based systems and neural systems is fluency.

Iconic Machine Translation Neural Machine Translation

John’s talk aims to break down this hot topic by explaining what NMT is and how it differs from existing technology. He will separate the hype from the practical reality in terms of capabilities by referencing some examples from our collaboration with the world leading MT research centre ADAPT. Attendees will also get a sneak preview of  results of a qualitative comparison of translation output across different languages and projects. Detailing the challenges and opportunities this new technology presents, the talk will also delve into Iconic’s own experience in integrating NMT into our Ensemble Architecture.

It’s a talk not to be missed if you’re curious about NMT and what the future holds for MT in the language technology industry in the short and medium term. Check it out on the 27th of March at 11:45am as part of the Language Track.

John will also partake in the Continuous Delivery – Global Content at Top Speed session as a panelist and MT expert at Gala Amsterdam. Hosted by Dave Ruane of Xplanation, the Continuous Delivery Knowledge Fest session will examine the reality of the modern marketplace: the demand for more and more content that is instantly accessible, requiring a robust localization process. Machine translation plays a key role in the localization workflow, allowing continuous translation of larger volumes of content at increasing speeds. The panel will explore how best to incorporate new, cutting edge technologies such as machine translation into an effective continuous delivery strategy. Join this lively, informative discussion on the 28th March at 2:00pm.

About GALA

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s leading trade association for the language industry. As a non-profit membership organization, we support our member companies and the language sector by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology. GALA conferences provide a candid, collaborative environment for industry professionals to discuss opportunities and challenges. We strive to provide a balanced mix of professional development and meaningful networking. Our conferences are defined by an open, community feel that is conducive to knowledge-sharing and lively discussion.

About Iconic Translation Machines

Iconic Translation Machines is a leading machine translation software and solutions provider who specialise in custom solutions tailored with subject matter expertise for specific industry sectors including eDiscovery, legal, life sciences, and financial services. Iconic is the MT partner of choice for some of the world’s largest translation companies, information providers, and government and enterprise organisations, helping them to translate more content, more accurately and in less time, resulting in significant cost savings and increased revenue. Iconic is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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