Introducing: “The Language Challenges Series”

Introducing: “The Language Challenges Series”


Machine Translation is about more than just data and computer processing. Machine Translation is about content and language, and languages have different styles, structures, and personalities.

We are delighted to announce that, starting next week, we will be publishing a 8-part blog series in which, each week, we take a detailed look at a world language from a linguistic perspective, provide some facts and figures, and discuss the implications of the characteristics of the language for translation.

The first instalment will be published next Tuesday, August 12th, and we will start with the language of love – French* – which will provide a good foundation for discussions on some of the more complex and challenging languages coming later in the series.

See you then!

Update: 2015
As the series is now complete, please find the entire list of articles linked to below:

*(Linguist humour alert: French is known as “the language of love” because of the connotations between France and romance, and not because it is from a group of languages known as the “Romance Languages” due to their descendance from Vulgar Latin, the mother tongue of Ancient Rome.)

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